Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Just A Little

"A little that a righteous man has is better than the riches of many wicked." Pslam 37:16

We live in a little old house, and for this I am thankful. 2 bedrooms, one bath, an office area, a kitchen, eating area & living room. That's it! Some days it feels too small. And with the new baby coming, I'm sure some days its going to feel even smaller. Some days I wish for an extra bathroom or a little more closet space. Some days I think cleaning the floors will never end and wouldn't wish for one more square foot.

Even though its a small house I'm appreciative what we have. We've made it a home. Its cozy, its welcoming & warm, and its our happy place. You could call it a Love Nest but we want all who visit to feel the love & welcome that's there too, despite its size & age.

Like everyone, we have goals & dreams for where we'll live next. More property, another bedroom or two for our growing family, maybe a view, and definitely room for a shop for Lawrence's business. Some days we scan the realty pages and drool over bigger & beautiful homes. Homes you can get lost in with many rooms and areas.

But when we come home, we are always grateful for what we have.

I think when I spent some time in Africa it help me put a few things in perspective. While we travelled, we lived with the bare necessities...but we saw so many living with even LESS! At times we felt sorry for the ones in tiny huts & tiny villages. But what shocked me most was that they didn't seem to feel sorry for themselves. I saw joy! I saw laughter! I saw sharing & caring for eachother! And I felt so much welcome for each place we visited! What was there to feel sorry about? The little they had brought them joy anyways.

I think I need that reminder more often!