Monday, April 14, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Hello Friends! Thanks so much for asking, wondering & waiting patiently. I'm here and I'm still appreciative of blogs & blogging. I just feel my whole little world has been wrapped up in 'being pregnant' that some days I don't know what to say or even where to start.

A quick recap on my life this past month or so.

Spring has arrived in the Okanagan and the world is greening up around me. The crocuses have finished their blooming, tulips are about at the half-way point and all my other perrenials are making their presence known. In a couple weeks, my yard will be BURSTING with lilac blooms and I will be praising God for one of my most favourite flowers & fragrances. I can't wait.

I've been digging up irises. Seriously! I hate those things. They take over like a giant tuberous weed. I want to plant some other things and so where I can take up the battle, I am. I can't work in the garden for long because my belly seems to get in the way but I make small efforts. What a strange & amusing root system irises have. They are FUN to dig up because the challenge of unearthing this large bulbous thing cracks me up. Did you ever see the Harry Potter movie where they planted mandrakes? This is what the iris root looks like to me. I dug them all up, loaded them in the wheelbarrow & then wheeled them over to my husband to see if he agreed. We figured any minute they would start shreeking at us.

So, I hope to clear some spots to put more perrenials. More daisies, a spirea bush, one more lilac bush and maybe a burning bush. Flowers & foliage. How I love this time of year!

Lawrence and I had a first on Sunday. Our pastor & his wife were away at a conference and so the two of us led worship. Though our newly formed little congregation is rather tiny, we are a great family of believers and so standing up there in front of that little group of friends wasn't as intimidating as I thought it would be. Apparently we even did a good job & picked some pretty good songs. It was fun picking the songs & practicing together. I always beam with pride when I hear him play guitar & sing but to be able to be singing together was always a dream of mine even before I met him because I've loved to sing for so long. I felt oh-so-blessed that it was something we could do together! Thank you Lord for the gift of music!!

As for the pregnancy stuff, things are going great. I am, apparently, a model patient according to my wonderful doctor. Everything is normal, measuring well & no complications so to speak. Our little one is VERY active and spends half the day booting, dancing, wiggling and swimming around in my womb much to my amusement. All the nausea & morning sickness is finally gone - aside from regular morning routine stuff, I'm feeling really good. I am amazed what the female body can do! Though I wear out really easy and have no strength because I was feeling so awful all winter, I am happy that its spring so I can get outside, walk a bit, stretch a bit and just embrace this new & exciting time in our lives. I promise I'll post a photo eventually!

Although I haven't been actively posting them, I still invite you to visit the site for the Voice of the Martyrs at and pray for our brothers and sisters that are imprisoned, harmed, humiliated, even tortured for their faith. Pray that they will stay strong in their faith. Pray for their health and their safety. Pray that they will know of God's love & steadfastness even in the midst of their persecution. And if you have even more time, write them letters of encouragement.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll try to post more often and visit your blogs more when I get the chance as wel.