Thursday, November 22, 2007

Deck the Halls

Fa, la, la, la, laaaa, La, la, la, laaaaaa

Anyone who knows me well knows that Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. And I also LOVE Christmas decorating. I'm of the "Go big or Go home" school of thought. While I know decorations and lights aren't for everyone, it is definitely for me. I don't just deck the halls, I deck the living room, deck the kitchen, the bathroom, the boot room. A snowman hangs in my car. A mistletoe hangs in my bedroom. I have a USB lit Christmas tree that plugs into my laptop. The bird cage has bows and a bell. The windows have stickies on them, as do half the mirrors!

November 1st, the first few hints of Christmas start appearing. I start with a snowman here & there because they are my favourites. As the month progresses a few more things appear. The boxes start being opened as I dig for the ones I cherish the most. Some things from the past get rejected, and a few new ones are always added to the collection.

This year I've even taken photographs of different ornaments in order to print them and put them in the frames that are already hanging up. And I like the results!

I feel festive! I feel jolly! I feel merry! I feel cheery! This IS my favourite time of year and I can't help but hurl my Christmas joy at everyone else.

So many people say "too early! too early". Others say its a big waste of money! Still others claim that they are too lazy, or just too grinchy to bother. But none of these get me down. I love to Deck the Halls and Deck the Halls I shall!

"But what about Jesus?" you might say. Isn't all this decorating frivolous & worldly? I don't think it is. I know what Christmas is all about, that doesn't mean I need to bring out my nativity scenes only & put all the rest away. It doesn't mean I can't find joy in such a joyful season! Its just the way I choose to decorate my house at this time of year. When it all goes away after Christmas, it doesn't make the fact that Jesus came to earth go away any more than it does to have it all out.

Blessings & joy to you all at the start of this Christmas season!


  1. i ususally don 't but this year i will take out some Christmas decorations early, specially the music. I 've got a huge Chriastmas tree which i decorate painstakingly but i have to dismantle it rather quickly at the advent to my nephew (Sonia 's son) who i know will shred everything. So I can only have it for a few days.

    USB lit tree, show us a picuture

  2. Sounds wonderfully OTT to me and definately delicious. Enjoy the season!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly My Friend! Bring it on out!

    I like your photos - I was just making some lil jinglies for my graphics too! I seeeeeeeeeeeee you in the green ball...

    Thanks for sharing - I'm itching to deco too, will sneak bits and pieces out each day now, and I plan to use lots of naturals this year too.

    Looking forward to a something chocolate with you this week, and possibly with whipped cream, even better!

    Mrs. Barb

  4. We started to put our lights and decor on the lawn today. I say go for is a joyous season and of course you know that Jesus is the Reason....

  5. Now why does this not surprise me? I can almost picture you doing all your decorating :) It is a most wonderful time of the year! I was even thinking of starting to decorate a bit early (at least for me) this year. Walking through the store with my youngest son today, I felt inspired. And I just got my Better Homes and Gardens magazine the other day... oh my, I love the au natural look they have going there with the greens and whites and splashes of red! And yes, Jesus, the reason for the season, He makes that joy bubble up and over!

    Holly jolly blessings to you my friend!

  6. Hi There,

    I figured it was about time I popped in for a minute to say hi and thanks for th b-day wishes for Jasmin. I love Christmas too, and I am hoping that maybe if a certain day goes well this year might be what I will probably consider my best Christmas ever. Take care.

  7. Hello Jolly Becky! Are we going to have the pleasure of seeing any pictures of your Christmas cottage this month?

    My Christmas decorations are in 2 big plastic bins underneath a lot of heavy stuff, and I'm trying to get the guys to help me uncover them!

    Enjoyed your joyful post!

  8. Your last paragraph ... So true! Have a great season Becky!

  9. You photos are so beautiful. I love to go to houses which are super decorated. I don't have much of a knack (or patience) for it, but enjoy my tree and the few decorations I do have. Enjoy it--I agree with you that it's just the way you choose to decorate this time of year. I'm sure that Jesus is just as present then as He is the rest of the year!

  10. Cool idea about taking pictures of your ornaments and framing them! Especially if something ever happens to them or they get broken - you'll always have them in a photo.