Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can't Sleep...Giving Thanks

Preparaions for baby are still happening around here - a dresser was built, a crib put together & placed and lots of sorting & organizing happening - my wonderful hard-working husband is in dreamland & I'm back out of bed wide awake.

Excited? Anxious? Restless? I'm not sure which!

The funny thing is I have the song "This is the day that the Lord has made" running through my head. Not sure if its reminding me of the day I just had or preparing me for the day that is about to become?

Today was rather simple - sunny but not too hot. Enjoyable enough to keep all the windows open without turning on the air - I'm thankful for that. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer - the a/c may need to be on but it might also mean I get to splash around in my pool (my pregnancy investment - a kiddie pool) and I would be thankful for that as well. Maybe its just a reminder that I need to be thankful each day, even for the simple things like plastic pools and breezey days.

With this babe racing around my womb like its practicing for the olympics, its hard to lay down & let my body relax. I suppose any mother will tell me that the worrying only begins during pregnancy & probably will last for life. As we draw to the close of this phase of our lives and we look at embarking on the next one: parenthood, there are plenty of things I could be worried about...and I'm sure I will be. So, I'm just trying to be thankful for the moment to moment things. Thankful that my baby is so active that I get constant reassurance that things are ok in there. Thankful that I'm feeling great & not having any complications. Thankful for the abnormally cool spring - helps keep the gardens growing, keeps the a/c off, and keeps me from being too warm. Thankful that my husband's business keeps him busy enough that we can be financially able to provide for ourselves & this new little miracle. Yes, there are many MORE things to be thankful for than there are to be worrying about.

And while I may not be ready for sleeping yet tonight, I'm reminded that "this is the night that the Lord has made" - He's right here in the night time as well as the day and some night things can be special too - the breeze rustling the leaves, crickets singing at us till dawn, the odd frog croaking (probably wishing to eat those crickets) and the quietness of a household in slumber.

What do you know - the baby has settled down in my belly ... maybe I can get some sleep afterall.

Good night friends!


  1. I hope you had a good sleep - my friend. I had SUCH FUN blogging about our time together, the lanterns are little reminders of the light you are in my life, every time I see them. I've not lit them up yet, only in the daytime pulling the blinds down PRETENDING its dark... I always forget when it is actually dark, and besides is CCCCOLD outside.

    You look SO CUTE w/ baby stickin' out and he/she keeps you busy w/ the acrobatics! Better get that Jolly Jumper in prep - or do we not have those these days?

    Looking forward to our next time.

    Hugs from Me

  2. I remember that waiting and anticipation... strange that the last time it happened for me was 15 yrs ago now! And my baby now towers over me and everyone else in the house. :)

    Wishing you well. Remember RELAX when you start to feel the pains, its the best way to get that baby out and about quickly (hard to do when you are in pain/uncomfortable, but its helpful). ~G

  3. There are things you are going to love about parenthood. One of the best is the fun of repeating "childhood" again. You get to go to all those cute "G" board games, read books, and discover the outdoors for the first time...all over again (through their eyes.)

    Although (in my case) parenting a young adult with "failure to launch" syndrome is difficult, there are still happy times. Especially with my other son. He's learning to drive...and I enjoy his friends...and he keeps life interesting and makes me laugh.

    And you meet wonderful people...through your children. You will make a lot of new friends!

    I'm glad that everything is okay healthwise for you and the baby...and I will be praying for you! I forgot...about when are you due?

  4. Aw, Becky, so good to hear you, your hubby, and the baby are doing well. What an exciting time of life, anticipating your little one's arrival. Keep looking to the Lord, He will give you what you need each day. Just ask Him...

    Yes, this is the day the Lord has made. Each day new and fresh, brimming with possiblities!

  5. Thinking of you...

    Hope you are enjoying "the day that the Lord has made".

  6. hope you got that well needed sleep my friend

  7. Hi Becki, dropped by to see how things are going. Has the great day arrived yet?

    Lots of love

  8. I loved being pregnant and actually missed the kicks, hiccups, and squirming around in my tummy once my babies made their debut. I gave birth in Italy and I love the phrase they have for giving birth--"dare alla luce." To give to the light. Isn't that awesome...we give physical light and spiritual light to our children.

    I loved the pillows between the legs...when I found the right combination, it was pure heaven and sleep (or lack of it) was preparation for the days ahead.

    Blissful zzzzzz's to you dear friend.

  9. I just stumbled across your blog and really like your writing. I hope all is well with you and the baby (and your DH, of course!)