Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008: Its Going To Be Great

My heart is overflowing with a GOOD THEME; I recite composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. ~ Psalm 45:1

Happy New Year my blog friends! Can you believe its 2008 already? Where did the time go? I'd like to commit to blogging more in this new year, and new month as I know I was seriously lacking in the past little while. But still, I'm struggling.

I suppose its time to share with you the reasons for my struggle. I am pregnant! Very exciting news for our household as this is the first child for Lawrence and I and we are thrilled.

However, with that joy & anticipation has come a LOT of sickness for me. I have been very nauseous & ill, all of December & part of November. Oh the price to pay to bring a miracle into this world. So, in my nausea & fatigue, I just haven't had the energy to blog, or even read blogs for that matter & I apologize to you whom I used to visit so frequently.

The good news is the end of the first trimester is not far away, well, a couple more weeks, and maybe I shall have some relief in sight for that! I hope & pray that I do!

So, with my seasonal new year's wishes to you all, I revived the verses I posted on January 1st of last year! I'm really looking forward to 2008. So many wonderful changes are occuring that I'm anticipating, both in our home lives, the life of our new church which will be undergoing a location change, and the spiritual vibe that is coming alive in this community. A Good Theme has already begun and I see it will carry forth in 2008, with nothing to beat it down or stand in its way!

I offer you verses from Psalms for starting the new year with a Good Theme:

Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass. ~ Ps. 37:5

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. ~ Ps. 90:12

This is the day which the Lord has made; we will rejoice & be glad in it. ~Ps. 118:24

Your word is a lamp unto my feet & and light to my path. ~Ps. 119:105

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord! ~ Ps. 150:6


  1. Hmm!
    I just read your comment on Amrita's blog and my first thought was: I WONDER! So I nipped right over here and SURE ENOUGH! Oh this is wonderful news! You will be such a good Mommy!

  2. You know Becky.... I have no doubt that your child will have one phenominal mother! One who will bring him/her into a world where Christ is Lord Of All!

    Congratulations! :-)

  3. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Congrats Becky!

    Happy New Year!~G

  4. I am so excited and happy for you and your hubby, Becky

    I echo the will be a awesome mom.....

  5. Pregnant? Wolfe cub on the way? *sob* all is forgiven! I am excited for you guys. Thanks for not forgetting those of us who depend on your dispensation of Bible verses but we can understand having to give the mom to be some leeway on the crime of irregular blogging.

    Wow, great news to help us all start the new year.

  6. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND YOUR DEAR HUBBY! Wow! A little baby, a little life growing inside of you, knit together by our awesome God!

    I'm so sorry about the sickness, but believe or not that means your hormones are working just right! Crazy, isn't it?

    I will be praying for you in the months ahead. Rest, rest, and rest some more.

    What wonderful news my dear friend!

    Much love to you,

  7. Congratulations Becky. May the Lord keep you and the little one safe and healthy.

    2008 will be an exciting year.

  8. Becky,

    I knew you were 'thinkin' and 'thinkin' on this very thing and here you are, expecting!

    Congratulations - you will be a terrific Mommy - and both Miles and I are delighted for you and L. Be prepared, now you will begin to see ALL the expecting mommies everywhere you go - before they probably blended in but now you will notice them! I'm sure you are already noticing all the little tiny clothes and cute stuffs in the stores for brand new little babies...

    We hope you will find happiness at your new church & its good to see you blogging again.

    ~ Barb

  9. I am so happy for you! Congratulations!
    I will praying for you. And I think 2008 will be a great year also!
    God Bless,

  10. Congratulations! That is exciting news!!!!

    When I was expecting...for some reason it settled my stomach when I ate oranges and potatoe chips! OOOPS sorry to mention food!

    It will be exciting to walk with you through your journey to motherhood. You will be a great mom! Your child will love the outdoors...and you'll have a little companion to go with you on "adventures".

    Although I've been lamenting about my young adult...not all kids are that hard. My youngest son is a joy and a blessing, and I'm sure that one older son will break out of these tough times...with God at his side.

    I may not be able to visit or post for awhile because my computer broke and is in the shop. I'm on my youngest son's computer right now.
    I feel so internet. But God uses all things for good in our lives!

  11. I am SO happy for you! Hang on to the end of that 1st trimester being in sight. Hopefully you'll see a big change and feel great, still tird, but much better.

    Keep us posted and know that you are in my prayers.


  12. Congrats, congrats! I can't believe I've missed all this excitement over here!

    I can't wait to read about this 'development'!!!

    I'm so thrilled for you and the hubs.

  13. Congratulations Becky!!!! Oh how the LORD is good.
    My children..I have four..are the life spring within me that keep me going everyday. Knowing that I am accountable for their upbringing and spiritual awareness until they really study on their own to have a realtionship with Christ, causes me to be aware everyday of my actions and commitment to my Savior. Children are truly a blessing and a heritage from the Lord. I am extrememly happy for you and your husband. What new and wonderful pictures you will have to take!! :) Can't wait to see those as well, as the landscape images you shoot.

    God bless you and child!!

  14. Congratulations Becky, You will make a super mom