Monday, January 28, 2008

A Catch Up

I feel so far behind in blogging that I don't even know where to start to catch up. I also apologize for not posting "Voice of The Martyrs" lately. I know some of you appreciate reading those & I will try to get back to posting them regularly so we can continue to pray for persecuted Christians!

We woke up to a somewhat awful site this morning. The big beautiful elm trees that give our backyard summer shade & all season privacy were torn down. Now, they were growing in the neighbours yard, and while we know he has every right to cut down his own trees, it was devastating to us. Now the back just seems like a big open hole, gaping wide to the old aggregate plant that they are also in the process of tearing down. Dirt & dust everywhere. I guess I can be at least thankful that they are doing this in the winter when all windows are closed because the snow in my backyard is no longer white!

But more about these trees, besides losing our privacy and shade from the blistering afternoon summer sun, we are losing a lot more. My squirrels lived in that tree. I hope they had more warning than we did. There are more smaller trees on the side of our property. I can only hope that they might want to stick around for the sake of a few extra peanuts. I so enjoyed watching them chase eachother & run & leap from tree to tree!

Also, these trees house 1000s of birds during the year, some that built their nest in them, others that just hang out for the shade and sing their little hearts out. It was just last fall that dozens of my most favourite bird, the red-winged blackbird, took a rest in this tree before they journeyed on, giving me outstanding joy! And, from time to time, a very large owl has taken refuge in these elms, hanging out during the afternoon till it was dusk & time for him to go on the prowl!

The neighbour also cut down a large tree that was between our houses, that offered us privacy while we sat in our office, between their family entertainment room. Now, I can sit at my desk and stare at them while they watch tv. Its such a disappointment. Thank goodness for blinds!

Aside from this oh-so-depressing day of losing trees, things have been going well here in the Wolfe household. My pregnancy nausea isn't quite as bad as before although other lovely symptoms seem to be more than happy to take the spot if nausea is giving me a break!

The weather has been quite chilly lately but fortunately, while cold, it has also given us clear blue sunny skies. I did sneak out one day to Hayne's Point (where I took the above squirrel photos) but the cold wind drove me back home pretty quick!

However, looking at the weather pages of our neighbours to the direct east, Alberta is getting some serious sub-zero temps this week. And to the south, Washington just got hammered with some really heavy snowfall so I guess we don't have it so bad here afterall!

I've been reading the books of Samuel. I'm not sure what motivated me but I started at chapter one and now I'm half way through second Samuel. I suppose its because its an interesting read of battles, treason, love & hate and God's preservation of His chosen ones! I always wonder when David had time to write all those beautiful Psalms when he was either on the run or conquering others in battle. When you pair the Psalms he wrote with moments throughout the books of Samuel, you see a whole other side of the story. Worship, fear, anger, passion, thankfulness and more! I love the Psalms but it has given me a new perspective by refreshing myself on all the journeys David took in his life!

Anyways, bundle up if you're in the deep freeze of winter & enjoy the warmth if you are so fortunate to be in a warmer location!

God Bless!


  1. CraftTeaLady6:25 PM

    Good to hear from you Becky! Glad your PG is going well. UGH on the trees being cut down and being able to view the neighbors! :(

  2. Hi Becky,
    Glad you are well.
    Sorry to hear about the trees. I like greenry and shade too. Wouldn 't like it.Here you have to take givt. permission to chop down tree.

  3. Sorry about the trees. Perhaps you could plant some on your side. Stay safe and warm.

  4. Oh my, so sorry to hear about those lovely trees. I do hope you have a few on your property or at least nearby?

    I love what you said about David's journey, yes he had quite an adventure through life, didn't he? But God sustained him through it all and David continued to give praise. What an example to us!

    I'm glad you're feeling a bit better and I am praying for you during your pregnancy. When I told my hubby and oldest son that Becky up in Canada was having a baby, you would have thought I was talking about my sister I was so excited!

    Much love,

  5. Hey Becky!

    Great to see you back and feeling a litter better. Sorry to hear about those trees. I know what it feels like to be able to not worry about privacy when the trees are in full bloom in the summer. We have many trees in our back yard and it literally blocks out the surrounding houses to the point that you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.

    Hopefully those squirrels will camp in his attic or somewhere like his evestroughs... Teach the guy a good lesson for picking on Mother Nature! LOL

    Take care!

  6. YAY my Becky's back (sung to the tune of my boyfriends back and your going to be in trouble & motorcycle engines in the background) Just kiddin'!!!

    But really its good. Whaa to the tree felling... how sad for all the animals! Ya think you can outstare the neighbors? Who will get blinds first, them or you? hmmm will have to do some research into ULTRA QUICK growing trees for the future!

    I will pray you continue to improve and feel less sick (can't remember how to spell nausea? - I'm sure its different than I spelled it)

    I'm looking forward to your Voice of the Martyrs again.

    ~ Barb

  7. I can relate to the trees. We had something similar happen to us. But we have trees left over. We have tree squirrels too! They are hilarious...I know you know! The way they chase each other and play. They alway distract me when I pray by the window in the morning. "Just a minute God...I have to watch this."

    I'm glad you're feeling a wee bit better!

    I love Samuel too, because it reads like a novel. It's amazing how new meaning comes from reading big chunks of scripture. Doing a camparison with Psalms is an intriguing idea. Another book that I enjoy because it reads like a novel is ACTS.

    Take care. Maybe God will replace the trees with something unexpectedly good!

  8. Hi Becky

    glad that you are at least feeling better. Bummer about the trees....the poor birds and your squirrels....Maybe you can plant a tree....

    Be Blessed

  9. Just wanted to leave a comment to say HEY! from another Wolfe! I came over from Yahweh's Retreat. My maiden name is Wolfe - grew up in New Jersey! :) i'll be back, take care

  10. Hi Becky, pray everything is well with you. Take care.

  11. Hi Becky i gave you an award on my blog.God bless you

  12. Hey Becky... hoping you are doing well. Take care of yourself. :-)