Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's Harder To Blog These Days

.... when everything in life becomes one-handed, and a left hand at that!

That being said, life is certainly adaptable to all these changes. My body gets used to less sleep and my heart expands so it can fit in all these new feelings of love and joy. And, I can type pretty well with one hand! :)


  1. the right seasons of life...enjoy them you should!

  2. I can feel the warmth of your joy. It's wonderful. :)

  3. awww, I love that picture of you guys!
    Yes, it isn't easy multi-tasking with your opposite hand.
    Looks like Ethan is pretty interested in what mommy's interested in ;)

  4. YAY - Becks is back!

    He wants to get at that keyboard too - or at least he's enjoying the colors on the screen.

    You will find you can do ANYTHING ambidexterous and even with your feet, haha!

    I saw you flashing by yesterday in O.

    LETS get togevver - soon! I suggest it should involve chocolate and whip cream.

    Let me know whens good.

  5. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Nice to see you and your son enjoying life together.

    Congratulations on squeezing out a post on one of your very busy days!


    P.S. I had to sign Anonymous because the computer wouldn't post my comment, otherwise.

  6. Anonymous10:32 PM

    signed Sharon Lynne in Southern Ca

  7. LOL - oh you will get used to doing so many things one handed!!! Your little guy is soooo cute. It looks like he's enjoying whatever Mommy has on her computer - probably some of your pretty pictures. Good to hear you are all doing well, even if it is with less sleep. Take care!

  8. Merry Christmas!

    The little one is precious! What a great Christmas this will be. :-)

    I'm back in Blogland with a new blog that fits me where I am now in my life. Please stop by if you get a chance.

    You will find me at "In Search Of."


  9. Merry Christmas Becky!
    Happy Christmas to Ethan--his first!
    God bless your family.

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  11. Sigh...

    missing you, girlfriend. I'll try to connect via email too.

  12. Belated Congratulations!

    How lovely that you are a Mom! You are where you need to be, doing what is of greatest value- raising a lovely human being to go forth into the joys of this world and his being.

  13. Anonymous11:56 PM

    hey, was strolling through blogville and chanced upon this blog. just thought i'd drop you a line. Lil' man over there is a beauty.