Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another Washington Road Trip

The mountains called to us this past weekend & we answered.

We loaded the car & headed south. This time we sort of had a destination. We wanted to go see the majestic Mount Rainier in Washington. This beautiful chunk of rock stands over 14000 feet & is covered in snow & glaciers. The trails there were fabulous. Seeing it up close took my breath away! Here's a few photos from our adventure there.
Beautiful lush valleys & forests

Roughly paved paths made it nice for hiking for all sorts of visitors...and less slippery when we got rained on & had to high-tail it back down.

The mountain wildflowers were amazing...and with them the mountain mosquitoes were annoying!

In all her glory...Mount Rainier


  1. Hello Becks... your photos are stunning. I daren't show them to Miles as we've been unable to get to the mountains yet. Tho we did go to the lookout at Kobau with our sister. Have you been up there? Do you know the astronomers have a Star Party there each year? Its a not to miss event, they come from all over the world, set up their powerful telescopes for the nigth sky and will allow one to view all majesty of the night sky... I will do some research as to the date for ya!

    I had the bestest visit with my sister, tho it was just go, go, go... we made jams and canned and played touristas with her the entire time. I'm exhausted and heart happy, just my knee needs to be stayed off of, its not really healing and I need to rest it.

    I look forward to getting together with you sometime soon.


  2. I remember something you wrote awhile back. About nature being God's gift to us. That stayed in my mind when we visited the mountains recently.

    I'm so glad that we can visit such places for rest and spiritual refreshment.

    I wish everybody could!

    Your pictures are beautiful, awesome and amazing.

    I just got back from camping. Come and look! (your camera does much better) But I have a link to the area we hiked...and there are beautiful pictures showing the trail.

  3. What beautiful shots you got of your time away. Hard to believe it is already half way through summer holidays and fall is coming just around the corner. (but of course for people like you and me that is a good thing!!)
    Glad you guys had a great time away!

  4. Sounds just like the Sound of Music....well, sort of....I have that show on my mind - sorry, so when I see a mountain, well, you get the drift!

  5. Wonderful pics, my friend..

    Have a blessed weekend...

  6. lovely photos...they are like paintings.

  7. yes the hills are alive with the sound...you're photo's capture sound...if you know what I mean - adds a new dimension to the senses , ...but what's with the mosquitos ..use the repellant, I'd say:):)