Friday, August 31, 2007


"Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad; let the sea roar, and all its fullness. Let the field be joyful, and all that is in it. Then all the trees of the woods will rejoice before the Lord." Psalm 96:11-12

I went for a ride with my husband on Thursday. He had to go finish up a job in a town about an hour + from here & I love to go for the ride. I took my camera & went walking for a bit while he was working. I was hoping to get down by the creek that was near there, find a shady spot to rest out of the sun and hopefully a scenic spot for a few photos. I couldn't seem to find my way to the creek because it was all private properties. And it was HOT so I wanted to get out of the sun. As I was walking near the back of a school field, still trying to find the creek, I noticed this field of purple thistles and a few other flowers. It was in the shade and sun and there were all sorts of butterflies flitting around.

I have never photographed butterflies before and wasn't sure if I had the right sort of lense to do so. Also, the grass was long & deep and well, I didn't know if I should be stepping in it because there were many types of bees & bugs there too. And my imagination was thinking of mice or snakes. So I took a few photos from the edge of the field but the best flowers were a bit more inside. One step, two steps - nothing attacked my feet. So I stood in the midst of these thistle flowers while the butterflies & bees buzzed & flitted around me and the time passed while I happily snapped away. So thankful for each moment that they came close & posed for my camera. Thankful for the beauty I was witness to.

It was such a beautiful small peaceful place. When I found this verse about the 'field being joyful and all that is in it" I immediately thought of the moments I was standing there in that field. I just imagine that all God's creature have joy & thankfulness. These fluttering insects, as they sip from the flowers nectar, thankful for another sunny day & thankful for the provision of nourishment & beauty! He has created such an amazing place for us on Earth! I can only imagine how much more amazing the New Earth is going to be where we get to live for ever. I think the beauty we see now is just a glimpse of how wonderful it will be!


  1. Hi Becky,

    What a great post and beautiful pictures, my 4 year old absolutely loves butterflies, so as soon as I finish posting this comment I plan to show her the pics. Thanks again for stopping by my Blog.

    Have a wonderful and blessed long weekend.

  2. Beautiful Pictures. Butterflies always remind me of being born again and the new life we have in Christ. For once we were a caterpiller but through God's hand we are transformed into these beautiful creatures.
    Hope you have a great long weekend!

  3. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Absolutely beautiful!~G

  4. Your blogs are ever so refreshing like these beautiful butterflies, fluttering with the warmth of Christian love and goodness

  5. the butterflies look so real as if they will jump out of the screen

  6. Happiness is a butterfly,
    which when pursued is just beyond your grasp,
    but if you will sit down quietly,
    may light upon you.
    ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne that fly and all but sing.
    ~ Robert Frost

    Butterflies, to me, are moving beauty - found in otherwise tiresome landscape, they provide interest and food for a hungry eye. (Thats my own quote)

    Thanks for the amazing photos Becky, but most of all for your ruminations on them. You're always an inspiration to me.

    Will we see you at the weenie roast?


  7. That looks like such a peaceful place....thanks for sharing it my friend

  8. It's amazing how creation shouts Creator! God is amazing. And yes, we're just catching a glimpse of what Heaven will be like. Can't wait. Great pictures my friend :)

  9. Amazing pictures! You did such a wonderful job. I have never taken pictures of butterflies either. Maybe I will try sometime.