Saturday, September 08, 2007

Allergies :(

I'm really getting tired of this whole allergy season. Itchy eyes, runny nose and if it stops running -->congestion. I don't think I've had a good nights sleep in weeks. I finally started using those Breathe Right nasal strips & I love them. They really help. But still, I sit here at my computer this morning, scratching my eyeballs & filling the trash with tissues. Anti-histamines make me thirsty but I think I'd rather guzzle water than blow my nose one more time (or 50 more times)
Anybody else suffer seasonal / non-seasonal allergies? Any tips? Besides moving to the Arctic!
How AWESOME is heaven going to be without sickness or diseases!! Really! Can you imagine any ache, pain, blemish, hic-cup that you have now will be non-existant in Heaven! I can't wait. I'm reading on with Randy Alcorn's book "Heaven" and am so enjoying all his perspectives on what Heaven and The New Earth will be like. Totally anticipating how amazing the new earth can be! I wonder if I can ride a quad then too? I hope so!!
I want to thank everyone who commented on "The Story of Quadette". Lawrence says thank you to everyone who complimented his skills & thoughtfulness.
Korina - its amazing what a little paint will do eh!
Janice - I'm not a huge fan of surprises either - no wonder he has to be so sneaky at it.
Susan - I love jeeps too. I'm sure the boys will have fun suping it up!
Carol-Ann - yes, it still makes me smile too. Can't wait to ride it again.
Gina - thanks for the compliment - I wish the same for all women!
Sharon - I knew you'd approve!! Yes its loud and the neighbours have been very patient while he built it - constant revving in the backyard etc - but they think it looks pretty cool & I think they enjoyed watching the process too.
Thanks Dave - it WILL be a good season!
LGS, yes, it is his goal to always make other husbands look bad. :) I'm lucky for that!!
Amrita - I try to coordinate. Ha ha
Laurie - you ought to try it too!!
Ed - maybe we can drag them together before I become a racing machine!


  1. i have seasonal headaches :( and this is the season. used to have hayfever- we have jacarandas here, and that season is the worst for allergies. i find that allergies in adulthood are worse than childhood ones??

    i hope i can take photographs and write in heaven... oh, and eat loads... :)

  2. I just had a CT scan done of my sinuses yesterday. I feel horrible. The doctor put me on antibiotic and zertec which does not seem to be helping either. My ears hurt and my head feels awful. We live in the worst place for allergies here. I have not any good sleep since Tuesday. I am tired. So I am right there with you!

  3. llergies - well I cannot visit my sister's house because she has things I am allergic to, my son has life threatening food allergies
    One side of my face always has a bag because of the allergies and so the story goes...the only thing that ever helps is Cortisone and that is very bad for you, so now I mostly just suffer! Oh Well, it could be worse!!!

  4. Becky, I too have suffered with allergies for years and years and I finally went to see an Allergy Specialist in Kelowna a couple of years ago and he got me on a good reginment of meds to control my allergies and then now I am getting allergy shots for my grass/pollen allergies. (when i went into get tested I reacted positive to 46 out of the 48 tested items..YUCK!I am allergic to almost all trees, plants, flowers, grasses, cats, dust, feathers, and much much more)
    My allergies have NEVER been as good as they are now though so I woudl definatly recommend going to your doc and having them refer you to go see Dr Arkinstal in Kelowna. He is really good at what he does.

    Hope you get some relief soon!

  5. I used to suffer a lot more with allergies than I do now, but I remember. I hope you feel better soon, Becky.

    I loved the story of Quadette. What absolute fun!


  6. Beck, even though fall is my fav season (it's almost here), it's my worst for allergies, (dust and mold). I've been sneezing and conjested for days now, can't breathe, and feeling a bit miserable too. It often turns into a sinus infection for me. Can't stand it. I know how poor Janice feels with those.

    As for Heaven, oh yes, no more allergies, no more sickness, nada, nothing. How wonderful it will be. The perfect environment because the perfect One will be with us physically. Just one of the many benefits I can't wait to experience :)

  7. WEll the seasonal change bringes on allergies in me too...what cannot be cured has to be endured.I take the usual relief pills.

  8. Thanks for letting me know that I don't SUFFER ALONE my friends. I sympathize for all of you as I sit here snuffling & blowing my honker. (oh yes, it IS a honker - a bull moose will come running to find me and see if I'm ok) LOL

    Shona - I haven't had allergies like this year in all my life. Crazy! I hope we can still take photos in heaven too - I think we can. God knows our heart's desires!

    Janice - sounds terrible. Mine have never gotten to the point of sinus infection & I hope they never do. I can imagine it would be pretty dusty & dry where you are too. Sometimes the cool north calls to me to get away from all this.

    Rebeca - I always thought it was just cats I was allergic to but it has developed to so much more. I hope mine don't get 'cortisone' bad.

    Rebecca Meier - If yours are anything like your dad's, I can imagine that you suffer! I hope the island air gives you a bit of relief and I may be trying that allergy doctor yet. I went to the Kelowna allergy clinic (for the scratch test) and didn't fair too bad. But the dr I saw (a different one) spent like 30 seconds with me & gave me an Rx. I learned way more from all the info your dad got then I ever did before!

    Vanessa - I bet the island air is good for the lungs!!

    Susan- fall is always been my fave season too - but I have never suffered like this before. I hope the cooler air comes soon & I get some relief. In heaven, I'm going to roll myself in dust & sage (imagine the way a dog rolls in stuff on his back - that will be me) LOL and rejoice that I am sneeze free.

    Amrita - i like how you put that so eloquently 'what cannot be cured has to be endured' How true!

    Thanks friends!

  9. I am getting in on the end of this conversation... but as Becki referred to Rebecca's comment (I'm her dad) I too suffer from sinus... but I unlike my daughter am not allergic to anything (go figure). I often wonder why we as believer's try everything from pills, home remidies, nasal rinses, changinging our enviroment, but miss the obvious for us - Ask for prayer (James) for healing.

    Maybe we think this is only for life threatening illnesses. I believe that we should do all we can do... removing items that cause reactions (books in the bedroom, rugs in the bedroom, etc) as well as asking God to heal.

    And hey, now thanks to Beckie, we have all confessed that we are members of the "Immm awl stuffffed up" club, so we can pray for each other!

    I've actually had a great year... sad when being able to breath through both nostrilss three days in a row is like heaven!

  10. Thanks for the posts on my blog and the birthday wishes.

    I have dealt with allergies too, no fun and now it seems Savanna may have some too, poor girl.

    Hope yours get better.