Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Still thankful...after Thanksgiving

We went away to my brother's place for the Thanksgiving weekend to visit and share a delicious turkey dinner. And it sounds like a lot of other Canadians were doing just the same thing! And I'm glad for it. I thank those of you who commented on my Thanksgiving post.

As we get back in the swing of our week, after a few days of holidays, I'm reminded that we are to be thankful for things every day.

I love the fall so I find it easy to be thankful this time of year for the beauty around me. However, with the fall comes fall allergies and my constant sniffling & itchy eyes this year are trying to steal my joy of this favourite season. Still, with all the driving we did the past few days up north, we got to see many beautiful fall colors that took my breath away, and just looking out my office window here, I see the leaves in my own backyard & front yard are starting to be so vibrant as well. The neighbours tree across the street is bright yellow, my Virginia Creeper vine is a deep wine red, the leaves on my lilac bushes are dark reddish green, the backyard elms are slowly turning yellow and I have a huge patch of bright purple flowers in the front garden that have waited all year for their turn to blossom. So, allergies or not, I'm counting way more reasons to be thankful than reasons to grumble.

And then, below this post, I've posted the recent Voice of the Martyrs updates. And friends, I can count oh-so-many reasons more to be thankful just by reading & praying for our persecuted brothers & sisters in need around the globe. We are called to pray for them like we are there suffering with them.

And so, I will try to live each day with a thankful heart for I can never run out of things to be thankful for.


  1. I'm so glad you had a good visit with family - really, that in itself is a reason to be thankful. I'm hoping we can find some time together.


  2. Now, Beck, I was looking for that beautiful picture to go with your description, but alas, you painted a pretty good pictures with your words. I could see the vines and bushes cloaked in their all fall glory. Glad you had a good time my friend. I've been discovering praise and prayer are two keys to living content.

    P.S. Your friend Barb sounds like a true blue buddy. I'm glad for you both!

  3. Whoops, mixed up "all" and "their", (he, he, he), I'm getting bombarded by my six-year-old with ballons, (he likes to play bat the ballon volleyball indoors). It's raining and he's been couped up today... It's 8pm here and I think it's time for beddy bye for one said boy...

  4. haha Susan - I had to really read the first post again to see your typo - didn't read it that way the first time but read it like you meant to say it. Guess my mind is good at reversals too.

  5. Becky, I have chosen to grumble about much this week. Thanks for reminding me of the blessing of thankfulness.
    Thanks so much for your faithfulness to the persecuted saints. We must never forget.

  6. I am thankful for your blog my friend..glad you had a nice dinner with your family...

  7. Hey, Beck, I'm being a comment hog on this one (smile), but when you get a chance, I have an award for you at my site. I know you're getting "awarded" left and right... hope you don't mind, if you don't want to participate, please don't feel obligated.

  8. Just checking in so you know I was here!

    I'm on my way downwards to read the Martyr's post now.

    Have a good (and thankful) day!

  9. Back from a stress break and checking in.

    No matter what comes our way, we DO have so much ot be thankful for.


  10. Enjoy the beauty of the fall. Here the weather is lovely after the heat and humidity

  11. We had that in church today. Living in gratitude is part and parcel of living in Christ. Great post.

  12. Hey There,

    Thanks for the comments on my blog, yes it has been hard to get to my blogging lately, just too much going on and lots of stress but I'm always working through it ;) My sould needs refreshing too, I mostly find the only time I really get that is church, so it makes for a long week! Anyway hope you find ways to get yours too :)