Monday, March 15, 2010

Bees, Birds, Breeze and Buds

At this very moment God is blessing me!

I'm sitting outside on my patio and it's a lovely warm Spring afternoon. The sun is shining. It's perfect.

The first thing I noticed was the steady hum of BEES. They are busy working their magic in the branches of our elms. (the picture above). If I look really carefully I can see their tiny little bodies hovering but I don't need to see to know they are there because the sound of them is spectacular.

Then I noticed the sound of BIRDS. Near and far the neighborhood is teeming with them. I don't recognize all their sounds but the robin is out there and a noisy crow is also nearby. And several smaller sparrow types have flown by twittering away.

In the midst of all the sounds I also feel a gentle BREEZE. Not a cold breeze that is typical fir March but one that is warm and welcoming. Not too strong bit just enough to make my laundry sway ever so slightly on the clothesline.

And lastly I look around the yard. At the shrubs and trees and see all their BUDS. The rosebush is starting to get green. The elms and maples are reaching up to the sun with buds covering their limbs. The lilac bushes, the cherry tree and the walnut tree; they all know that it's time to wake up and unfold their beauty.

Yes beauty. Just here in my humble backyard and God is lavishing it on me with love and joy.

Bees, birds, breeze and buds are blessing me with their bountiful beauty in my backyard! :)

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  1. And with your sweet iphone we get to be blessed too, all from the comfort of your little patio. Its amazing how the sun puts a 'different light' on things. Glad to know your spirit is light right now and you're feeling peaceful. We will have to have a chocolatey date sometime in the next week or so, no?

  2. Ah is soooo jealous. Ah is also hoping God will not strike me with lightning for being jealous.