Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Lead Me By Still Waters

"He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul." ~ Psalm 23:2-3

We've had some beautiful warm, sunny and calm days already this month. Walking by the lake was breathtaking! Not a ripple but still waters with a perfect reflection.

Then there was yesterday. Cold wind shaking the trees and biting our fingertips. As the day went on my mind and soul started to reflect the weather. Small irritations like sand started eating away at me. Disappointments moved in and threatened my calm soul til I could feel the frown on my forehead and noticed that even the little things were annoying me.

I wanted that calmness back. I wanted those still waters and restoration.

Today I wake and the sun is shining and the air is still. I want to breathe deeply and be thankful for the peace. But why am I afraid that it's a calm before the storm? The wind is still blowing in my soul and mind this morning. I'm praying for some restoration and rest, something else to focus on other than those small irritations.

How do find ways to put your mind and soul at rest?

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  1. Ah, yes the weather is fickle right now. It has caused me to have to change our spring break plans even.

    I have no advice except to tell you that for myself I make myself live in the moment, fix what I can fix but stop feeling guilty all the time about things I can't change, and trust that I am EXACTLY where the Lord wants me at this very moment and to seek why He wants me just here, just now. The enemy will put little nigglers on the edges of any peace you have - but truly the enemy has no power over you when you give your full attention to HIM who orders our every day, second hour and minute. Storm, schmorm, even should there be a storm out there ahead, your Father has a sheltering wing from which you can hide in safety to weather it all.

    Well, thats just my thoughts, I'm praying for encouragement for you today.

    Love, Barb