Friday, July 16, 2010


We took a spur of the moment drive up to a mountain lake last evening. It was such a beautiful day and we wanted to do a little exploring. We had only planned to go for a quick drive so I didn't take my camera, but thankfully, I had my iPhone in my pocket so I was able to capture some shots from this lovely lil adventure. For anyone that is interested, I believe this is Blue Lake in the Kilpoola area, above Osoyoos.

This lake is more of a bog in my opinion. It smelled rather funky, lots of bugs and the shoreline was really squishy. It was like walking on a sponge. I think its a protected grassland type area. Lots of grasses & stuff to walk thru before you could even get to the shore.
Unfortunately, it wasn't all that easy to get around in flipflops. *duh* Not exactly a 'bare toes friendly' area but I tip toed thru nonetheless.

And speaking of the shore, as I got closer, it got a bit 'other worldly' looking on the ground...

Freakishly weird looking, the iPhone pix really couldn't do it justice but if you click ON the picture you can see it bigger (hmm, this only works on some of them... trying to edit on my phone & its being weird, sorry). I was fascinated by all these little sticky-uppy mud spires. I think they are all mud remnants of where a grass or reed used to be. Because to step on one it was sort of firmer on the inside than just the spongey mud around it.

Here's another view of it more level with the lake. It was just so strange looking.


Anyways, you can see how as it goes back to firmer ground that the little spires become reeds & grasses & other plants.

We walked around the lake a bit because there were some big ol cows grazing and the tiny one wanted to go see them.  They weren't too interested in us though and took off when we got closer, much to his disappointment.

All in all, it was a great spur of the moment place to explore, a beautiful sunshiney evening and now, a place we will return, both with a real camera & proper footware.


  1. Lovely place! And the weather looks nice too.

  2. Such an interesting walk! When we walk...we just walk down the asphalt street.

    Thanks for showing us that very very interesting MUD. Truly...I was fascinated with the pictures. Such a mystery as how it came to be.

    Your little camera did a good job! Too bad those cows weren't more cooperative!

  3. What a fun spur of the moment trip - even if it was sticky and mucky! Some of the lakes we visit on vacation in the mountains are mucky too. But it's fun. So nice that you brought your little guy so he could explore. Soon enough he'll be running ahead of you on your expeditions. I just recently rode on a bike trail and my 8 year old left me in the dust... lol!

    And those spikey, muddy things looked really strange indeed. Wow!