Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I wanted to be making strawberry freezer jam this afternoon. It's the perfect day for it. L brought home a big flat of strawberries lastnight. I've cleaned some jars and picked up some sugar and pectin and now the little boy is napping. Perfect timing.

But instead I'm laying here in bed in the dark waiting for a migraine to go away... Hmph!

Not fair! Not fair! I was on a roll. But I guess I needed this forced Time Out to take a rest. I already had a small snooze and thought I was feeling better til I sat up to get out of bed again. No, it's not time yet.

So I'm laying here thinking about Noah for some reason. We watched Evan Almighty again the other night (if you haven't seen it before, do so! It's a great family show) After we watched it we got talking about what it might look like if God asked us to do something big like that too! Would we be capable? Would we even believe it to be possible, that He even asks us stuff like that anymore?

We've been asking God to speak to us a lot in this last year, asking Him for obvious direction on what our next steps should be. He seems silent, although I know He's there. We just aren't sure how to interpret the silence.

What do you do when you feel God is being quiet?

For now, we can only assume that He wants us to continue to wait. And as hard as it is to wait, we don't really have another choice. We hope that He will not have us wait too much longer.

And so, what has this got to do with jam? Well, again I'm waiting, whether I like it or not. On a forced break and instead of laying here doing nothing, I know I can at least make use of the situation and blog. :). So maybe, instead of whining about God making us wait on the bigger questions we have, I can find a way to make use of my time while I wait.

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  1. I have been in a waiting period also but hopefully I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I deal with migraines also. They are horrible. When God seems quiet to us maybe He is testing us. Or maybe He has already told us What to do and we have procrastined in doing it. I think that is kinda What I have been through. God had told me to do something and He was waiting on me to do it. I think He was waiting on me to take a step of faith on what He already told me to do. Now I am the process. I have started to do what He told me six months ago to do.

  2. Anonymous8:35 PM

    We, too, are in a waiting period! I am teaching, Chris is staying home with the kids, but he is starting to feel the pull to re-enter the full-time ministry. We are praying about where God might use us, but we are getting silence as well. For us, we (prayerfully) interpret that to mean that we just need to keep doing the last thing He told us to do. So, until He speaks and moves us, we just keep pressing on...Praying for you. Hope your migraine goes away!