Saturday, April 21, 2007

Big Day

Ahh, life's accumulation of STUFF! Today is our big day. Its Yard Sale weekend. Everything must go! Last year, we were renting this very large home where we were free to spread out all our things & not pay any attention to how much STUFF we actually had. Last fall, as many of you know, we bought this adorable little old house & began the process of down-sizing. There is only two of us for goodness sake. How on earth did we ACCUMULATE all this stuff. A lot of it happened the day we got married, suddenly we had TWO of everything. TVs, microwaves, dishes, coffee makers, etc. We managed to GIVE most of that away but still, all the knick-knacks & doo-dads that us women can stock pile like its going out of style. Its insane!

The morning was a whirlwind of people. Being a small summer-town, we have mostly seniors here. Lots & lots of people showed up early! Lawrence put up my bright pink signs that he strategically put arrows on & people could find us from just about any street! Balloons are along our fence so they know they've got the right house!

Yard sales are a great way to meet people. Especially if you're selling books, as books can tell you a lot about people. Both of us have gone to Bible School & University in the past so we had a lot of books out. The history books went quick as did many of the Christian books. Lots of conversation starters when you sell anything Christian. We were "God Bless You"'d many times today when books were purchased.

Seems our nice weather is past now & it may be time to pack things in as the morning is past & shoppers have gone. Just hoping the rain will hold off a little longer. Ah, I see more people coming down the driveway. Off I go again! Happy Yard Sale Season to you all!!


  1. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Wish I could have been there to see your layout of years of treasures that are no longer treasures make their way into the hands of someone else to become a treasure all over again, My turn next in a couple of weeks, hope you will bring your leftovers, maybe someone here will feel they can't live without them.Mom

  2. Awww Beck, your greatest treasure of all, I can assure you, is having a Mommy who leaves you comments. I got no more Mom's on earth... Your yardsale was certainly a hit - and you know I am the yard sale queen... (haha!) I would give you a 5 star yard-sale rating... in fact if you recieved my email of five minutes I'm still trying to 'yard-sale' you over the internet. As much as buying the useful items from you, the other items I will treasure mostly because I can say they came from you, my friend! Luv, Barb

  3. Sounds like you had fun at the yard sale. When we moved here I just gave all my stuff to my sister and she had a yard sale for us. We did not have time to do it ourselves. I am back from my retreat. It was a wonderful retreat. I will blog about soon. Have a great week.

  4. That's so funny (about the books). My sister and I when we'd go to garage sales would decide on the seller's life history based on their barrage of books.

    I think you can tell quite a bit about a person by their bookshelves...or lack thereof.

    Thanks for visiting and encouraging about church. I do think you can relate to my predicament and you give me some hope that there could just be a church for us...somewhere in the Heartland.

    God bless you (LOL)

  5. Thanks everyone. It was a fun but EXHAUSTING day! Glad its over. Lots of leftovers went straight to the garbage...but I'm sure I could bring a few to your house Mom!

    Barb - thanks for stopping by. I am saving your beaded treasure to bring over on Wednesday!

    Janice, letting someone else do your yard sale would be MUCH easier, but I'm glad we got rid of many things this way!

    KP - I thought the same way about the people who bought the books. I did notice a few people snickering at all the 'religious' books we had & a few that were bored by all the history books. Everyone is different for sure! Going to read more about your 'church experience' for today!