Thursday, April 26, 2007

That Time Again

*yawn* I'm tired this morning! Its that dreaded time of year again...Income Tax Time! Not that we are procrastinators or anything *wink* but hubby & I always tend to leave it till the last minute & then its even more last minute because its my birthday on Saturday so we're busy doing a few more things for that too.

Income taxes aren't THAT difficult, but they can cause a bit of stress trying to find all the proper papers. And for some reason they can cause unneccesary guilt. I'm trying to do mine up for my small business but as I enter the few meager expenses that I do have, I wonder if I'm doing it right & will they show up & beat down my door for this receipt or that receipt even though I'm quite positive its all perfectly legal. I suppose its like the feeling you get when a police officer drives by & even though you KNOW you aren't speeding or doing anything wrong, you immediately do a double-check of everything just to make sure!

So, thankfully, my good friend is a bookeeper & she was able to help me with a couple 'expense claiming' questions where I couldn't find an answer for on my own. (ie do I include the taxes or just the price without the taxes - I just didn't know!)

Well, anyways, I have a good start on them thanks to easy programs like QuickTax to help it go so much faster than the old 'pen & paper' method. I'm sure I'll have them done in no time and still be able to enjoy my birthday stress-free on Saturday!

My husband is perplexed because I work in administration and my desk at work is always neat as a pin & I'm perfectly organized there. My desk at home, well, that's another story. I do know where everything is on it but, oh my! Its a disaster. 5 cartons of magazines, photography books, writers books, every sort of paper known to man, all my receipts, calendars, etc etc. I just can't keep it neat here. I blame it on lack of space in our tiny office that we share but really, I need an organizational kick in the pants here at home to get things tidy. Especially at tax time when I NEED to be organized.

What sort of tax filing do you have to do in your country if you aren't in Canada? I know it must be different for everyone. Is it the same time of year? Does it stress you out or are you so efficient that, unlike me, you would have had it done weeks ago?

Addendum: I just found this article on titled :You've Filed Your Taxes, Now Organize Your Home Office! You can read the article here - its short!


  1. Income tax, stinkum tax, I say! You're light years ahead of me, Beck. My husband takes care of that end of things for me... though I know I SHOULD know. We plan to get a program to track it all, in the near future, then will come my learning curve.

    Friday sounds good to me... *hugs* You let me know what time is good for you!

  2. Since we have our own business our taxes are complicated, we send it away and have it done. It's expensive to do that, however. Yet we still have to prepare our papers to send to the "tax man".

    My husband is so organized it drives me crazy. We have 3 checkbooks. One for business, one for medical, one for household. When we write a check, we have to input it into the computer, in the correct category. My husband says that this saves tons of time in tax preparation.

    I hope you have a great birthday, even though you have to share it with taxes!

  3. Barb - its not so bad using the software as it was when it was all on paper. But stinkum tax indeed. One of these years I may just hand it off to the H&R Block types & see what they come up with.

    Friday is great - after work as usual. I posted on your blog about it too.

    Sharon - yeah, hubby's biz is incorporated so he got the accountants to do up all the taxes & now we just have to file for him personally with the figures they supplied. Thank goodness for that! Too cute that your hubby is organized like that. (however it may drive you nuts) Maybe one day we'll get to that level too.

    You have a great BIRTHDAY this weekend too! Woohoo! Any big plans?