Tuesday, April 17, 2007

For Hubby's Birthday!

Today is my darling husbands birthday!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! He's 38 today!

Here's 38 things I love about Lawrence!

1. His singing voice (hooked me on our first date)

2. The way he can write songs & play guitar.

3. His skill at being able to build or fix almost anything.

4. His sparkly blue eyes, love those blue eyes.

5. His gorgeous smile.

6. He lets me nuzzle his neck...and nuzzles back.

7. The way he can comfort me in an instant in his arms.

8. That he is a lover of the outdoors & an adventurer.

9. That he encourages me to try new things that he thinks I will love too.

10. He is an amazing BBQ chef!

11. The way we can be completely silly together.

12. Dancing in the grocery stores.

13. That he lets me run my fingers thru his hair, and does the same for me.

14. My perfect size for cuddling.

15. Always helps around the house.

16. Cleans the bathroom because I hate to do it.

17. He's a champion Spider Killer.

18. Dashingly handsome!

19. Lets me sleep in & hog the bed on weekends.

20. Knows my quirky morning routine & respects it.

21. Loves me despite my quirkiness.

22. Loves animals, especially his cat.

23. Excellent winter driver (when I'm too chicken).

24. Cheats at Krokinole.

25. Likes to play basketball with me.

26. Allows me my independence.

27. He loves camping (like I do)

28. He loves his parents & his family.

29. Loves to play with kids & dogs.

30. Drives slowly/carefully when I'm riding on the motorbike.

31. Gets excited over the big things and the little things.

32. Makes all occasions extra special.

33. Loves to surprise me.

34. Gets lost in 'a moment' with me.

35. He lends a helping hand to friends in need.

36. Shares my love & need for a morning coffee.

37. Goes on Sunday drives or road trips for no reason.

38. Makes me feel like the luckiest woman alive.


  1. What a wonderful list about your hubby! It's good to see other married people still in love!

  2. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Yep I think that you two are pretty much suited,makes us happy to hear, you forgot on your list that he is even more special and very much like your number two man, Dad. Happy Birthday to Him Love Mom and Dad

  3. Awwww shucksies Becka - you're too sweet... made me tear up reading. I did 40 GIFTS for Miles on his 40th - was a big hit, even tho some of them were lil eensie things... the second thing to tear me up is that your dear mermy commented too. You are much loved. Can't wait to walk with you Wednesday - have blocked off that time 'peshully for you!

    hugses Barb

  4. I think that is just great....a match made in Heaven....how many years??

    Wonderful pic...Canada, eh??

  5. Happy Birthday Larry! You guys exude so much love it is embarrassing for us mere mortals!

  6. Thank you for all your kind comments. We had a great birthday day. I took half a day off & we spent it together, some shopping, dinner out & a movie.

    Yes, the photo is from Canada. We are in southern BC but that photo is from around the Jasper area at the Columbia Icefields (last summer) Very neat touristy place to visit. You get to walk right out on to the glaciers. Its amazing and a bit sad to see how much the glaciers have shrunk in the last few decades since they started measuring!

  7. Sounds like you have a great husband. What a wonderful list you have about him. God has provided me with a wonderful husband as well. I will have to do a list like this when his birthday comes. Thanks for sharing.

  8. You are so blessed.


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  10. It posted twice?! So I deleted the 2nd.


  11. What a nice tribute!

    I was surprised when I saw your post, because today is my husband's birthday 4-19!

  12. Today my closest friend stopped by. She doesn't know a lot about computers or blogging...so I gave her a tour of my blog--which included your blog...because I wanted to show her your photos. She enjoyes art..and also photography. She enjoyed your pictures!

  13. saw this a bit late, but happy birthday lawrence! and so glad you found someone so special, Becky...