Monday, July 23, 2007


I was amused that many of you commented on the beautiful photo location of my recent post :)

That was from my last trip through northern Washington USA! :)

So all you American's who commented on visiting Canada to see its beauties... just drive north in your own country & visit the North Cascades! Yes, we have very beautiful mountains in Canada too. The Rockies through Alberta are to die for but this particular photo was from Washington & I'm looking forward to visiting that area again some time because it truly was breathtaking!

But thanks anyways for the comments.

My hubby took that photo of me. I want some 'praise' type photos in front of such beautiful scenery. I thought of my blog most of all when I set up the pose for those photos. I have a similar one of him with his hands raised too.

Been making myself busy outside painting this week so I am trying not to be so stuck on the computer. But I still spend an hour or more each day searching the freelance writer sites so I try to make time for a bit o' blog reading as well!

Thank goodness for summer because many of us don't post every day & it makes it easier to keep up :)

Oh, and hubby just installed our new heat pump ductless a/c system. Its glorious and QUIET and wonderfully cool. Bliss! I feel so spoiled!


  1. painting painting... your house, your nails, and your blogsite with your wonderful wit and wisdom (gushing here!) I finished... hehe, two await you, a third 1/2 devoured... we will have to set a place meet - these two books are just delightful. You and me have A/C eieio!! our friends cut a hole RIGHT IN OUR DINING ROOM WALL - really thru the 'spestos outside and all (I did not breath in when the dust came in) its soooo nice. Course the weather got colder just because. Figgers, hey? Missin ya! Mrs. M

  2. Anonymous10:25 AM

    So where is your picture to go with your blog, I think this is the first day that you haven't posted one- I missed it, bet you are enjoying the cool, thanks for a fun day under the bridge. love you Mom