Monday, July 16, 2007

This is The Day

"This is the day which the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

Its not easy to rejoice every day is it? Some days we're just tired. Some days sad or lonely. Some days we're angry. Others, just plain forgetful and I can honestly admit that I can rush about my day without a second thought to any sort of rejoicing.

I keep my Bible on my computer desk rather than on my night table. I'm not a bedtime Bible reader because it causes me to fall asleep to easy. (Not just the Bible, all bedtime reading) So when I wake up in the morning, my first thoughts usually aren't on the Bible but on the coffeepot. Lately, my first thoughts have been the fact that it is so hot out. Perhaps its time to start putting sticky notes on my coffeepot about rejoicing to get my mind centered on the Lord for the day. Any suggestions?

Are you a morning Bible reader? Afternoon? Evening? Is there any ways you or special things you do to remind yourself to start your day with thoughts of God?


  1. Well, Miss Becks - it IS hot... so course your mind would go there... and it is easy to kickstart our mornings w/o thinking of God first... we all need a big reminder. It would be so hard to suggest something, as we are individually stimulated by different things... I have no tried and true thing to suggest - only to put on your God colored glasses when you get up to view the world - our 'carnal' ones give us a distorted view...

  2. Anytime is a good time to read God's Word. Personally, I'm finding the quiet of the morning is a good way to start my day with the right perspective. However, we need those pick-me-ups and reminders through out the day.

    I love how your tree picture has a view of "looking up". It's just what we need to be doing as far as our realtionship with Jesus. Then our vision will be 20/20.

  3. Good question Becky.
    Great answer Barb!

    For me I need to set aside a specific time or I can easily get sidetracked. My time is Monday mornings.... yes I do read at other times. But Monday mornings (early, very early) I head out to a small cabin on the ranch. I have a Bible and writing supplies out there. I pick up a few sticks and get a fire going in the woodstove. Set my coffee pot up and in about 20 minutes I have a wonderful cup of "cowboy" coffee. (Black, straight, strong and absolutely non of that "flavored" stuff). The time flys by and usually after a few hours I head back up to the main house where the day is just begining for the rest of the world.

    Each time is different, each time is special... not a "must do" guilt trip but a deep soul desire.

  4. Thanks for the comments friends!

    Barb - like the idea of "God colored glasses"

    Susan - that's great that you can make a quiet morning time.

    Ed - love the early morning in your small cabin time & cowboy coffee - well, any coffee gives me moments of enjoyment with my thoughts.

    I certainly found time to talk to God this morning as I went for a long walk in the cool of the morning but I'll have to think more specifically on finding time to spend in my bible. Sometimes one verse is all I need for the day, other times, I just need to read more.

  5. I think it is a personal thing and no one can tell you when the "right time" is. For me, sometimes in the early morning is good...sometimes I wait.

    Each day is different like us.

    Just do as He leads.......

  6. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Who can find time in such a busy world, only if your determine yourself to it, its like an exercise program for the mind, I like night reading and while I am drying and curling my hair, I can still read. If the day is soo busy I am thankful that there is the Choice Gleanings calendar to at least give me some feeding every day- Mom

  7. I normally a night reader. I am not a morning person and I am lucky if I am able to get up in time to shower and get to work and eat a granola bar on the way. So I usually up at night reading my bible and praying. Or if I am off and my husband is not here I will read and pray then. I love my quiet time with God when no one is here. I really don't have anything to remind to to pray and read my bible. But I think I could use something sometimes because I get distracted easily. And the past couple of weeks have been crazy for me getting ready for my mission trip. Great post!

  8. I like reading the Bible during lunch or breakfast. Sometimes I read it at night just before bed..just a verse or two because its nice to have scripture on my mind before I go to sleep.

    When I wake up, the first thing I think of his God, because I can't even put my foot on the floor without asking for his strength for the day.

    Good post. And good questions.

    My faith is not as strong as it sounds, however. But because of a weak faith, I need constant that drives me to the God's Word.