Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summertime Blues

"meeting of the minds"

These past few days have been so busy that time has flown on by. Visitors, guests, events & things to do. The last few days just zipped on past. And now, I am in the process of 'learning the books' for Lawrene's business.

We have a new accountant & he is coming right to the house to spend time teaching me & I'm so happy with what I can learn. Our last accountant was impossible to get a hold of & did not have any time to show us anything...or correct mistakes. So this is all we were waiting for & more. He will be back here again in about an hour for another day with me so it will be a busy one.

Its still hot outside but I'm already bored of the heat. Autumn has always been my favourite season & as soon as August hits, I'm gearing up for fall. Somewhat like Christmas I guess. I anticipate it so much so as soon as November comes I'm ready to start decorating & playing the carols. Christmas Nut? I think so! So it goes with Fall. Because it gets so hot here in the summer, I don't even enjoy going outside in the heat...and I love to be outside, so that's why I anticipate cooler weather sooner. So I can go back to doing all the things I love. I haven't kayaked for weeks because the tourists are out on the lake in their boats by 7am, chopping up the waters & making noise. Its too hot for hiking & the risk of rattlesnakes in the summer is significantly higher so I don't hike. Even taking a dip in the lake can be out of the question in the summer. The boats churn up the water so much that the shores get pretty gross.

Not trying to sound whiney, its just that Summer is my fourth favourite season, and its followed by my Number One so I'm ready for it to get a little closer. Thinking beautiful fall colors, warmer clothes, cooler nights & crisp mornings, perfect for kayaking, a jog or a walk with my camera.

But, for another month or so, I'll try to enjoy the summer sun. I'll tolerate the onslaught of tourists. I'll enjoy the beautiful cool of my air conditioning. I'll be thankful for the long light & the warm evenings to sit outside. I'll get some more sun on my skin & it will lighten my hair a bit more.

Summer seems to be everyone's favourite. What do you love about it? If not, what is your favourite?

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiases 3:1


  1. Sorry to say this, but summer is my least liked season. But it's nearing my favorite, the fall. I especially love October. The Lord knows what he's doing with each season, but here where I live we have high humidity and loads of ferocious mosquitoes in July and August. September can be pretty bad too, unless we get an early fall.
    But thanks for posting that Scripture verse--it's one of my favorites.

  2. I always like the shoulder seasons like spring and Autumn. Autumn is my favourite. Cool and dry and colorful.

  3. Ya Becks, though I LOVE summer, I love ALL the seasons. I love the delights that each particular one brings. Thats why, when Miles suggests moving to like a tropical place or something, with an eternal summer-like climate I say a huge no!! I would like to VISIT a summery place in the winter and vice versa, so they are like a total opposite. Also, to be able to go away to appreciate what we have at home. We like to BE tourists, but we don't like having them LOL. Looking forward to doing some Christmassssy things with you this year, you can be my Chrismas 'Strutor, Strodiaire, K???


    PS - you LEARN gurl... I want to see you count them Beans! giggle!

  4. I am with you Becky...I love the fall time...followed by spring then winter and then if I must summer....it gets really warm here where we are....90-100 and sometimes it is humid to boot....

    Be Blessed

  5. Just to be different, I must stake my flag for the summer! If you loved in the UK, where all it does is rain (at least this year), then you would LOVE a North American summer. I love the heat - maybe that is the conditioning of my childhood, growing up in Africa - there even the rains are pretty warm. I love it that there is NO SNOW in the summer. I can only stand snow for as long as it takes for me to say "oh that is pretty" and then it is welcome to melt immediately. I don't like the cold and the fact that your earings can freeze in your ears. On a more positive note - sun dogs are pretty great, and one can get a good sun tan whilst cross country skiing in a bikini - but then I am no longer mad enough to do that kind of crazy thing!!

  6. For what it is worth I love the fact that we actually can distinguish between the seasons.

    I like all the seasons - the winter because of the family times that come with gathering around the fireplace, spring for new beginings spring = life (lots of calves, and foals). The summer mainly because of the extra $s from firefighting. But like most of you my most favorite is the fall, especially October. The Aspen grove on our ranch gives off the most beautiful perfume, the wind fluttering between the dry leaves releases a melodic song. The colors who could ever describe them fully? It is also Judi's birthday and our aniversary.

    Nice posting Becky... C U

  7. We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun ;o]

  8. I love this writing of yours - lucid and very picturesque..I find as my own writings get choppier everyone elses writings are getting more beautiful and enjoyable to say the least..good for me..I certainly think so ..something to model after..(if possible)As far as seasons go,I love the sun (without the heat Ithink) and the monsoons (without the floods for sure) winter and fall follow close behind (like rebecca for short stretches of time)Thanks for keeping up the good work!:)

  9. Summer is my least time too. Heat saps me of energy. Spring and fall are my favorites, then winter with its cross country skiing and summer last. I love the long days that come with spring, the planting of the gardens, all the signs of new growth. I think it is my favorite time. But fall days ... ahhh, hiking with that little nip in the air, blue skies, puffer clouds ... mmmmm. VERY nice.

    We get plenty of tourists in our area too. Our Save-On store is SO busy one can hardly wade through the aisles let alone the check outs! Usually our tourists are cottage dwellers from all the surrounding lakes and people passing through on the highway with their monster R.V.s. Its nice when, come mid September, life returns to normal!

  10. Anonymous6:43 PM

    This post made me laugh as two minutes before that I had edited my Facebook to, waiting for Autumn summer is too hot- great minds think alike-mom

  11. Becky, this is Pastor Ed's Daughter. We met at The Gathering Place a couple weeks ago. I too LOVE LOVE LOVE fall. I love it when it is cool enough to need a sweater but not so cold you need a jacket. I especially love the smells of fall Autumn as it the air is usually filled with wood burning stoves. I love cinnimon and apple smells as well!! I too am a NUT for Christmas. Carols/Christmas Cd's are pulled out and being played usually as early as Nov 1. I am never in a hurry to take down decorations either after christmas...make it last as long as I can.
    It was great to meet you. Sorry we didn't get a chance to really chat. Hopefully that will happen on my next visit!
    Take Care!!