Thursday, March 24, 2011

Purpose Day 11: Becoming Best Friends With God

Catching up - haven't had time to get my thoughts into blog form this week but I'm still keeping up with the readings.  PS  All words in italics are direct quotes from the book.

Becoming Best Friends With God

God wants to be your best friend.

Seems like such a simple phrase but in a world where many friendships are so one-sided it sort of feels this way with God too - I'm not mature enough to recognize his side sometimes. And, my mortal brain has had a hard time grasping the trinity when I pray. I don't always know who I should be addressing and it feels confusing.

How do we become God's Friend?
Through constant conversation.
-> He wants more than an appointment in your schedule

I do try to talk to God throughout my day but I also like a set aside quiet time that I can focus on it more.

Practicing the presence of God is a skill, a habit you can develop.

Through continual meditation
-> thinking about his word throughout your day.

You can't love God unless you know him and you can't know him without knowing his word.

These definitely go hand in hand. What is a friend but someone you know better than a stranger? And how do you get to know people? By speaking with them, hanging out, asking them questions, learning about them, their character, their past, their hobbies, etc.  We can't be God's friend without getting to know him too, not just always talking about ourselves.

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