Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Purpose Driven Life - for Lent

I've been longing for something to read during this boring cold winter in northern Alberta. I didn't bring a lot of books with me so sifting thru our meager pickings on the bookshelf I came across The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.  This book was a church-small group - Bible Study sensation in 2002 & 2003 where Christians were picking up copies by the dozen, partnering & grouping up with others and spending 40 days going thru the chapters of this book.

I had noticed that I dog-earred the book on chapter 26 and never went much further. If I recall, 2003 was sort of a sucky year in my life so maybe my 'purpose reading' got thwarted with life's overwhelming moment and shelved.

However, with all the choices & thoughts going on in our little world up north here right now, it seemed VERY appropriate that I picked this book up again.

And coincidentally, Lent starts tomorrow. While I know most people give up something for Lent, I've decided it will be much more worth my while to start this new habit and go thru the 40 chapters. Lent itself is actually 46 days I believe but the Sundays are not counted and therefore, it is 40 days long. Exactly the number of chapters in this book.

I did a sneak peak of the first couple chapters already, and it was reminder enough that I NEED to be reading this book right now.  Perhaps I will blog about it as I go thru it.  If you are out there actually reading this & want to join me, dust off your copy (or find it in a store) and share your thoughts with me as we seek God's Purpose for our lives together.

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