Monday, June 11, 2007


"Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

A day of rest! After this past week, oh how I need it. In fact, I think I need a couple because I could hardly keep my eyes open yesterday. As you know, last week I was busy finishing up the training for the job I was at. Also, I was getting prepared for the weekend.

On Saturday, I photographed a wedding for the first time. Because I had never done a wedding before, I was a bit nervous at being inexperienced. But I had lots of good help. A friend from my photo club lent me an external flash that attaches to my camera that I could use for the wedding. Another friend spent an afternoon with me giving me some wedding tips as he has done some weddings in his past. Then my good friend Barb had me over for a visit & let me practice with the new flash, with her as my pajama-clad model, until I had a good feel for the techniques I was trying. Thanks jammy-girl for letting me practice on you.

So the big day came on Saturday for the wedding. It was difficult weather-wise because it was darkly over-cast & the wind was HOWLING. Bridesmaids were freezing & nobody wanted to do photos outside which made me have to deal with light challenges. But I had fun. My friend got to come along as my assistant so she took this photo of me half way down the (grass) aisle photographing the bridesmaids & brides as they walked down.

I spent most of Monday & Tuesday processing the photos & editing them for the bride & groom. A few good ones, a few ok ones and a few to be deleted. I think they turned out ok considering my inexperience, the light challenges & the fact that the bride hates her photo being taken so most of them have her looking away. Oh well, it was a great experience.

On Sunday, my same friend Janine & I took an all-day rock climbing lesson. What FUN we had!! We learned so much. And I think our instructor had fun teaching us. He quickly realized that we were not your typical women. Crazy, laughing, etc. It was a lot of hard work, some serious fears to conquer (like rappelling for the first time) but mostly it was fun! We can't wait to get out there & practice all the stuff we learned again! I got to take a break from belaying her to get some photos of her climbing. Hopefully next time I can get someone to snap a few of me too.

After a full day of rock climbing & sore muscles, I drove home & hubby & I went up to our pastor's acreage & farm for a bonfire evening with some of the church people. They have a huge beautiful property that I hope to go back & spend some time taking photos on. There is so much beauty & tranquility there that the photo opportunities are endless. After everyone else left, we stayed & visited with them & found the time just slip on past. I just love good conversation with good friends and like us, they love to visit around the table! It was a wonderful evening!

But my busy week carries on & although I'm tired, I find my mind is at such rest. Oh, there are a million things to think about now that I have the time and sneaking in a nap here & there to catch up is a bonus as well. But I am at peace. My time is suddenly my own & its amazing the things that I can fill it with this week!

Tomorrow I will visit with some people that are dear to me and that itself will be another form of rest as good visits are peace for the soul. I haven't seen my grandma in weeks & weeks. How I look forward to catching up with her.

I thank you all who visit my blog for all the encouragement & comments and I hope to be back into a blog rhythm soon.


  1. Wow, whata a jam packed post....loved you on the rock.....never see me there......LOL

    Be Blessed

  2. You are a braver woman than I with that Rock Climbing. I am afraid you would never see me doing such a sport either.....the height alone would turn my stomach into something resembling a bag of jelly. It sounds like you are living life to the fullest though.

  3. You certainly have a lot of energy, shooting a wedding, going rock-climbing, and then out to a "party"!

    I'm glad you're going to have some time to rest, too!

    I've tried rock climbing but only on a practice wall. It was outdoors at Mammoth Lakes. I belayed both my boys, and my husband belayed me. It was a fun experience...but I don't think I could get into it as a hobby...I'm afraid of heights!

  4. Oh Miss Becks - what a LOT to digest! But it goes down goodly! Giggle - only YOU have special permission to publish me in my jammies! I can't wait to see your wedding shoot - I bet its wonderful. Too bad about the weather. Looks like you had fun on the hills - and I look forward to hearing all bout that too... when we CAN get together, I know, next week, next week. i will be praying for a safe trip to see your friends etc! Love ya!

    Mrs. Barb

  5. You are reaching new heights..

  6. Wow, I'm tired reading about your hectic life. Congrats on the wedding photo shoot. I remember setting up my camera in church on tripod and everything, ready for when the bride walked in. I checked and double checked my lighting and everything. Alas, when the bride walked in, the congregation stood up....... I forgot that the congregation would stand up and my view was completely blocked.