Friday, March 23, 2007

Boundary Bay

About this time last year, my husband & I took a mini vacation to the coast & got the opportunity to visit Boundary Bay. Boundary Bay is a regional park near Tsawwassen in the Great Vancouver area. The entire beach region is shared with Washington as it is right on the Canada - USA border. But Boundary Bay is the name for the Canadian portion.

We had an amazing day here. The tide was waaay out when we got there in the morning & we spent endless hours in the sunshine, searching the tide pools, scouring for shells, poking at crabs, taking photographs & getting our feet wet.

There is an amazing selection of creatures to be seen here, especially birds. We saw some great blue herons, sand pipers, eagles, gulls and more.

Tsawwassen is a great area to visit, if you're looking to do some beach combing & get away from the hustle & bustle of the sprawling city of Vancouver. Hubby and I wanted to be near the beach so we opted for a Bed & Breakfast. We thought it would be nice & romantic, and a quick walk to tide pool heaven. Oh how deceived we were. I'm a huge fan of TripAdvisor to get reviews on places before we stay but for some reason, I trusted the BBCanada website & the lady I spoke to about the B&B. Wrong wrong wrong. There is no such thing as offering a B&B with 'peace & tranquility" when you have two children under the age of 5 in a home made with ceramic tile. This beautiful large home, offered the guest room on the bottom floor. Everything was ceramic tile. We were FREEZING. That wasn't the problem. They had two small girls, they stayed on the top floor, also ceramic tile. We snuggled into our room at about 8:00 and proceeded to listen to two little girls SCREAM and stomp in mom's high heels (did I mention the ceramic floors) for an hour & a half. My husband covered his head with a pillow. We had the laptop & tried drowning it out with music. Finally I shouted "ENOUGH". We packed up & walked out of there telling the owners they were insane to think they could offer a B&B with that kind of noise & we went & got a hotel. Honestly, I can't blame children for the noise. Kids will be kids. But I do blame the parents. Thank goodness we didn't pre-pay. I won't name the B&B because it looks like it doesn't exist anymore but I will refer anybody to when looking for places to stay. I wrote a bad review for the B&B and a great review for the The Coast Tsawwassen Inn that rescued us in the middle of the night & provided us with a divine room that was dead silent!


  1. oh MY! I'm proud of you for not only walking out but taking measures to let other unsuspecting B&B'ers know to avoid this place! I woulda thunk the exact same thing. I am SO taken with the bottom photo, especially the reflection - cropped to perfection! I had SUCH good visit w/ you too Beck. You're a high spot in my week!

  2. sounds like the b&b from hell... at least u found somewhere to go. i love the pix- as always- and i always love pix of the ocean... isn't it one of the Lord's most wonderful creations? sometimes i am awestruck at how beautiful the world can be.. like the Lord didn't have to make it so, but He did...

  3. Barb - the shell photo is also one of my faves. I used it in last year's calendar for summer. Hope to get more this year.

    Shona - it was a hellish experience but it ended well. The ocean is an amazing creation. Because I go to it, maybe once a year, it is always a special place to be.