Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spotted Lake

There is a very special lake in Osoyoos called Spotted Lake. It is a mineral lake that is sacred to the local indian band for its healing properties, unique to the spots or pools. You can read more about this lake here where it is said by the natives:

“Since the dawn of history, Spotted Lake or “Ha? Ki lil xw” As we call is has been a sacred place. Indians from all tribes came to visit the Lake for the medicine the lake contains. The ceremonial cairns, too numerous to count that surround the lake testify to that. Some of these are so ancient they have sunk underground and only their tops remain above ground. Some are buried altogether. There are many stories told by our ancestors about the cures this lake has provided, physically and spiritually through its medicine powers……

.…. Its medicinal powers are not to be taken lightly. This Lake is a Chief among lakes, its powers are above the purely physical. It contains 365 circles in various shapes, sizes and depths. Each particular day of the year. Anyone who goes to this lake will find the right circle if he seeks. "

From the Destination Osoyoos website it says this:

Why is Spotted Lake spotted?
Spotted Lake, or "Klikuk," contains one of the world’s highest concentrations of minerals: magnesium sulfate, (Epsom Salts); calcium and sodium sulfates; plus 8 other minerals and traces of 4 more, including silver and titanium. In the hot sun of summer, the water of Spotted Lake evaporates and crystallizes the minerals, forming many white-rimmed circles: shallow pools that reflect the mineral content of the water in shades of blue and green. Spotted Lake is located 8.8 km west of Osoyoos and is privately owned. You may take pictures from the highway but please respect the property and do not trespass.

Regardless of its history, the beliefs that surround it or the healing minerals it contains, this lake fascinates me as one of God's clever creations. So unique to our region and so special, changing its properties throughout the course of the year. Minerals in it that heal. Its not there by accident.

O LORD, how manifold are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all. ~ Psalm 104:24


  1. This is an awesome picture. I have never seen anything like that before. Even the scenery around the lake is amazing. Thank you for posting this.
    I have been on a blogging break this week. I have been working every day except for tomorrow I am off. I have been catching up on some reading also. I am also reading Sailing between the Stars by Steven James. Great Book. I read multiple books at one time. And I have just been spending a lot of time with God.
    I also love the pictures of the cabin and the church in your previous post.

  2. It's true Becky - I've been out to Spotted Lake countless times, and it never looks the same way twice. Sometimes even the holes are filled over with water, sometimes they contain little to none. Eeek - I've trespassed - there was a road open in the MIDDLE, with no signage so have hiked right down for photography. Now I feel bad about this. :( It truly is a gem in our valley. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Becky - what a great shot of the lake! Love it! Barb showed me pics last yr and its just lovely!


  4. Hi Becky,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm really enjoying your pictures! You mentioned that I live in a beautiful place. Well...I think you win! You live in an AMAZINGLY beautiful place.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your up and coming quad and dirt bike adventures!!

  5. Amazing. thanks for sharing. It is awesome. Sorry to hear it is private land though. Shouldn't the native peoples still have access to their sacred site?

  6. Oh...just one more thing! I've never seen when I saw your bright yellow ones, it brought the verse in Isaiah alive for me! (refering to my post) Thank you for that!

  7. Thanks for the comments friends!

    Janice - it is a special place & I would love more access to photograph it. I too am reading 2 books right now - still Heaven and the new one hubby bought me "Eldest"

    Barb - when I first moved here L & I walked all over down by the lake, poking at the circles & stuff, we didn't know it was private property either. Just hopped the fence (that should have been our first indication) I don't think they mind when you go in the spot you mentioned.

    CTL - yes, its a fun photo to share with people because its so unique.

    Thanks Sharon - my crocuses are almost done but every day I come down the driveway I 'encourage' all my lilacs to bloom soon. A couple weeks still I think.

    LGS - yes, the native people still have access to it. I don't know if its owned by the local band (I think so) or by an individual but it is native property so I'm sure if they wanted to still use those pools for healing they'd be welcome to it!

  8. golly... isn't is amazing how there's always something to inspire awe of God's creativity?