Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Perfect clouds

Lastnight was our local photo club meeting. Every second meeting is our photo sharing night. One of the photos we bring has to follow a theme. It seems that everyone interprets these themes differently, which is a bonus! Last nights theme was clouds, but not just a photo of plain old clouds. There had to be a compositional element in the photo to be used to 'frame' the clouds. Framing like with a tree, branch, building, etc.

I was in a panic because the last two weeks have been rather 'grey sky' days for photo opportunities. But yesterday, it was that blue sky with white puffy cloud sort of day, a pefect cloud day. And I knew I'd find the shot I was looking for. I figured, everyone would use a tree in their photo because that's the most obvious sample and I was headed to my fave park to do just that.

But, on my way past our new visitors center here, the newest native sculpture caught my eye. Now THAT would be unique. So I whipped into the parking lot & over to the sculpture. It is a difficult one to photo as a whole cuz there's tonnes of stuff around it, like the buidling, flag poles, the highway etc. But if you're only trying to shoot UP then it works. I chose my angle, the sun was in the perfect spot to give that bright blue sky some nice color & the clouds, nice & white!

Anyways, the above photo is the results, obviously. I was very pleased with it because it was 'out of the ordinary' for photo styles that I normally do. I like being presented with a specific 'assignment' like that, in which I have to think outside of my box and then I learn a bit more about myself each time!


  1. Your club sounds like fun. That is a very nice composition. the sculpture's interestig too.

  2. Awesome shot Beck - did you see my similar one on my blog recently? I think I caught him 'spearing' the Canadian Flag as well... perhaps he's angry at our Government... :| (you KNOW I'm kidding)

    The Gateway Building is looking nicer each day with all the care they are lavishing on it. It will be an attraction and asset for our tourism!

    If its real real rainy today - or if we have lazy bums... could we look thru your animals for element ideas?

    Hope your having a good day, my friend.

  3. I love that picture. It is very nice. I want to get out this weekend and take some pictures. It has been cloudy the last few days. The sun finally came out today. I am feeling better today.

  4. that is a great shot... and unusual, like you say. nowadays, since everyone is a photographer (even me), u get the same thing over and over, so a new persp is always great...

  5. I don't know how you do it Becky but you always seem to come through time after time with the perfect photo! :-)

  6. Thanks LGS - My newly framed fave photo of the moment. The club is a blast.

    Barb - yes, I saw yours. It was a tight squeeze for me to keep the flags & buildings out of the shot. The new building is nice but it has taken REDICULOUSLY long to complete.

    Janice, hope to see a few of your new shots if you get out. I think we are supposed to be overcast this weekend :(

    Shona - enjoying your Aus pix! You've also got a great eye for photography.

    Thanks Dave, took a few tries before I got it just right but I was pleased with the result.