Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Discoveries

Sunday was an absolutely glorious day. The sky was so blue & the sun was warm. The wind was rather cold though, so I knew in the morning it would be a great day for driving but a little cool for walking.

I discovered two new things on Sunday. First off, I tried a new church. My friend Barb has been inviting us to to their little church here in town for a while and I've wanted to go but just haven't had the courage to go. Its hard trying to choose a new church. After trying a few, and being disappointed, we became reluctant to try another and complacent to just 'not go'. My former church, where I used to live, was a big church. Like it had about 1200 or so people there. Easy to be there without feeling like you stand out. Easy to get involved in but also easy to disappear in. I knew I didn't want another church so big, but I was afraid of trying a TINY church. Everyone notices you all the time, no hiding there!

So, this church that I tried was indeed tiny. I think there were maybe 25 people. But WOW, were they PASSIONATE! I was quite moved in their passion & sincerity. So many churches, you can look around during the singing (my fave part) and notice that maybe less than 50% of the people are actually participating. There wasn't one person that wasn't singing here with passion. Usually the first thing I judge a church by is the singing. Its my favourite part so it had to be good. If the singing meets my needs then I judge it by the preacher. Can he feed me & inspire me? or, the honest truth, does he bore me? This preacher was FAR from boring! Enthusiasm & sincerity oozed from him. And I like a preacher that 'tells it as it is'. Very good preaching. So, last, I judge a church by its people. Can I make friends here? ie FELLOWSHIP! Well, I already know a couple people so its a start. In other words, from what I can gather from one Sunday, I think its a good little church.

After church, I had lunch with a friend & then headed out in my car to explore the beautiful day. The wind was howling so I didn't go far from my car, but I had heard rumor about a place that had some old buildings on it good for photographing. So, I head down this windy back road that I had never been on before and came upon New Discovery #2. A great little spot with an adorable tiny white church and several run-down old cabins. Something I love to photograph!

They were surrounded by beautiful healthy Ponderosa Pine trees. There was so much charm & character in these little old cabins. Maybe not so many years ago they were actually used as homes because there was still 'stuff' inside them like cloth, and tins & such things. I spent a good half hour, tip-toeing around these structures so as not to disturb a needle or twig of its charm!

And it was another one of those 'perfect clouds' day so I also enjoyed taking a number of photos up thru the brilliant colors of the pines at the sky! It is a thoroughly captivating spot for photography, that I will probably only share with a chosen few in order to preserve its charm but I know that I plan to return again.


  1. It was wonderful to have you come to Church Becky! I can honestly say that I've never come away 'not fed' and you're completely right about Pastor being a passionate speaker and 'saying it like it is'

    Church + Friends = :)

    Your photos are stunning... scenes like this are slowly disappearing... thanks for capturing and sharing these quiet places of beauty with us.

  2. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Ok - so my wife comes into my office and says, "you have to go to this blog site." I'm in the middle of something so I just give her one of those Husband being interupted looks. She insists. So, I give in. Of course she was right. I did need to go to this blog - because there was a huge encouragement there for me.

    Not only do I thank you for your kind words, and your awesome pictures, I thank you for reminding me why I do what I do. It is not for the masses of people, but for those very special to God individuals that are seeking a safe place to worship, grow and blosoom in their faith.

    Bless you - Preacher Ed

  3. The Heavens declare the glory of God...

    Becky, your pictures capture beautiful moments in time... moments meant from God to savor.

    I feel like I go on a journey every time I stop by. Thanks for taking the time to share your adventures!

    And about that little church and a pastor who is passionate about preaching God's Word? Sometimes God's best gifts are wrapped up in "little packages".

    Your friend from Pennsylvania,
    (A P.K.'s daughter from a small church who passionately loves God too! www.bereanbiblephilly.org )

  4. Again, thanks Barb for inviting me! I'll show you my 'cabin discovery' if you'd like :)

    Ed - I'm glad that were encouraged by my blog, as I was encouraged by your message!

    Susan - everyday in the Lord is the greatest adventure is it not!

    Thank you all for your kind words.