Tuesday, February 13, 2007

On the Way

Motorcycle season yet?

I think its becoming pretty obvious that I'm getting impatient for spring. It was a bit easier not to think about it when there was snow on the ground but the valley bottom is back to its regular "February Brown" color and now I get antsy. Patience is a virtue I need to work on.

Today was the first morning that I felt like I could drive to work without headlights on. Not a sunny day, still typical low cloud, but it was bright. Oh how tempting it is to call in sick in the weeks building up to spring. Just want to strap on my hiking boots & head for the hills. But then, the hills are still covered in snow. So they aren't ready for me yet.

I think its just a longing to be outdoors, away from a desk, away from a cooped up building full of dust and paperwork & people with colds. I long for some fresh air, sun in my face, and the smell of the wet earth coming back to life. I'm longing for walking & hiking and riding on the motorbike, daylight past 4:30pm, sunrise before 7:30am.

Are you eagerly anticipating spring? Is your world still covered in snow & ice or starting to thaw? I can't be the only one with this longing so please share with me yours!


  1. You 'llowed to listen to some nice nature music at work at least... some streams and bird calls etc... sheesh... I think, I think you should CALL IN WELL haha! I would go play with you in the sort of snowy hills...

  2. Anonymous11:05 PM

    At least the snow covered some of the muckiness in the yard, but bring on spring, let me out of the house, get some warm into the bones that doesn't come from the fireplace. Even just to get out into the yard will feel good. Winter enough already.Mom

  3. We just finished hot and wet and we are now hot and humid. Hahaha.

    But seriously, this year we may have a water shortage over here.

  4. Yes, I'm anxious for spring; however, 8 inches of snow came my way just the other night.

  5. Barb - I find the classicals whisk me away to a world in my mind when I listen to them at work...but I just might try some of that nature music too.

    LGS - ahh humidity, like a punishment to come with extreme heat. We've had several years with worries about water shortage in our hot summers...I don't think this year will be one of them.

    JR - 8 inches. Yikes! All the tulip shoots will be jumping back into the earth around your area.