Sunday, February 18, 2007

Revealer of Secrets - Sunday Theology

"But there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets..." Daniel 2:28

Is it possible to find true Christian prophets anymore? With the Bible so full of prophecies revealed through dreams & revelations & angels, does that sort of thing happen in this day & age still?

The world puts forth fortune tellers, palm readers, tarot card readers and psychics. And most of us have heard of Jean Dixon's predictions. But accurate or not, I would say most of these prophecies are not of God. Aside from the Bible, does God still speak to people about the future. Can we find meaning in our dreams anymore or dismiss them just as dreams?

I'm a very vivid dreamer and I believe vivid dreaming is possibly genetic. My immediate family all dream vivid dreams. I feel sorry for the people that claim they don't dream or don't ever remember their dreams. But those that I have met that claim to be vivid dreamers also claim the same trait of their family members. Perhaps it has to do with developed family sleep habits.

Today, I want to know more about Christian Dream Interpretation. I believe God does still speak to us in our dreams and want to know what others are saying about it. I found an especially useful website called Communion With God Ministries and a page on Dream Interpretations here. Lots of interesting info there if you care to read it. It offered verses in the Bible that say God will speak to us in dreams in both the old and new testaments. It also listed a few things you can do to help recall your dreams and that the average person who gets 8 hours of sleep a night will in fact dream for about 2 hours of it and that the last hour of our sleep is usually when we dream the most.

I have a lot of strange dreams that I often wonder about. Often I can trace back part of its reasoning for something I saw or heard during the previous day or days. For this reason I try not to watch scary or especially grotesque shows because I know it stays with me. But also, I know that the interesting and/or creative stuff stays with me too. For example, we watched the first part of 'The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers' lastnight and then this morning I dreamt that we were being forced to leave our house because someone (or something) was coming and we were fleeing in a horse and wagon.(like the people of Rohan) And yet in the dream I was making sure I brought my laptop, my camera and plenty of macaroni. Old transportation with modern technology. A strange combo of my brain I suppose.

But should I be looking for the meaning of this dream, or just assume its the product of my creative mind? Perhaps I could just interpret that if I did need to flee for some reason, it is pretty obvious as to what I find important to take with me. Laptop, camera and macaroni. :)

I also came across this site called Tehilla Ministries where the ministry is Christian dream interpretation with information on Biblical Dream Symbols, Prophecy and other info about dreams.

In fact, there are several more sites on Christian Dream interpretation that one could read about it all day. The most common theme among them all is that if we want to know if God is speaking to us in our dreams, all we have to do is ask Him. Praying about it and asking God to reveal to us the secrets of our dreams may open up the meanings for us. I don't think any dreams are meaningless but if one third of our lives is spent sleeping, I'm a little curious to know what I'm missing by not knowing a bit more about my dreams.

Have you ever wondered if God is trying to speak to you in your dreams? What are your thoughts on this? What are your thoughts on the fortune tellers & prophets of the world as we know it now? Are their 'gifts' from Satan or just a creative mind? Have you ever asked God to reveal to you the secrets of your dreams?


  1. You may also want to check out some of Herman Riffel's materials . He has done dream interpretation work for some 40 years now and has written several books, some of which are out of print but available second hand on the web. He is more than 90 years old, but still actively pursuing growth in hearing God's voice through the vehicle of the dream.

  2. I also have vivid dreams always have. Recently I have been having more spiritual dreams. Especially in the last couple of weeks. About two ago I dreamed that I was shot after trying to help someone and I could feel my breath being taken away from me and I was quoting the 23rd psalm.
    I do not watch scary movies either because they will end up in my dreams.
    I believe God can speak to us in our dreams but I have not asked in pray to reveal the secrets of my dreams but maybe I will. I know that God has been speaking to me through other people and also through my blog. Which I had no idea what to expect from starting a blog but I have been so blessed by it.
    I have had a spiritual awaking this past year. I have never know God the way I do now. It is so awesome to know He is really there. I am so blessed!
    I do not believe in fortune tellers.
    Thank you for your post. It made me think.

  3. Wow - good food for thought, my friend. I often dream too - and I'm not entirely sure whether God is using these dreams to speak to me or not. Perhaps knowing that I don't know is an indication in itself, for surely if He is speaking, I would feel convicted of it, or compelled to act on it or seek the meaning. And I have heard just some way out meanings from people which has at times caused me to shy away - because they have seemed extreme, you know? I am sure it can, and does happen, just not in my world, yet.

  4. corn :)6:23 PM

    wow....deep thoughts and crazy family trait....when emotions get involved and you awakin with a racing heartbeat does it not make you wonder what you should take away from the experience? I think I have had a chance to feel every emotion through dreams and many questions for the Lord ....why? when? how? Many times it is "thank you...for what I really have" Thanx for your perspective continue to make me think and grow!

  5. Ahem, Dear Friend Becky, I am having to 'eat crow' I told you I did not know anyone personally who felt God 'spoke' to them in dreams... it (blush) turns out that Miles has had this happen to him twice - before we ever met. And yes, he has told me this before. Bad x 2 I know... LOL! So please forgive me for my ignorance and denial in this manner. God's still working on me. Have a good day - and I look forward to our walk this week :)

  6. I think that God's time for prophets are long gone. It is my opinion that we have God's Word (Bible)which is complete and therefore, anything we, as Christians need to know regarding God and his commandments are found there.

    My opinion, of course. :-)

  7. Thanks for all the comments

    Bruce, that's another great link full of info. Still not sure how I feel about it all.

    Janice - scary dreams but at least you found yourself holding fast to Psalm 23

    Barb - I wonder about it sometimes too but very cool about Miles' dreams. Amazing. I'm just not sure I would know how to decipher when God is speaking to me in my dream.

    Corynn - hey girly - miss you! Sometimes I'm afraid to question my dreams, what if they really do mean something? And yet if God IS talking to me, even if its not prophetic or anything, I want to be more aware of it.

    Dave - I kind of thought that too. Especially cuz the world is so full of 'false prophets' that even if there was a real one, I would have a hard time believing it.

    Glad to have some feedback though. I appreciate it friends!

  8. I believe that whatever we need to know about God (doctrine and theology) is complete in the bible. Prophecy of the end times is also complete as John warns against adding to the book of Revelation. However, I do believe that prophecy is a spiritual gift and is meant to build up the church. Nothing in the bible suggests it ends indeed book of Joel suggest and increase in the end times. However, it will be more in the form of the prophecies in Acts. Where people are able to say what God will do next. Things like Paul's vision.

    Paul urges us to seek the higher gifts especially prophecy. However, he also warns about false prophets and tells us to test such prophecies against God's word.

    Some people may have a ministry in prophecy but others may be given the gift just to carry out one task. It is God that gives the gift so I am doubtful of people who say we can learn to dream or prophesy. Finally, if God's Spirit dwells within us, He will tell you whether it is from God or not.

    I have been given prophecy from some pastors before. The prophecy makes no sense to them other than they knew God asked them to speak the words. But I knew its meaning cause God had already been speaking to me but gave further confirmation through these prophecies (cause I was disobeying Him).