Saturday, February 03, 2007

Peppers & other such sins

Thou shalt not eat a plate of nachos, delightfully indulging on jalepenos and green peppers, for thou knowest that they shalt give thee extreme indigestion & bloating & pain. Thus are the pestilences thou shalt bare for thine momentary pleasures of wrong doings.

Ok, you're saying - where in the Bible does it say that? Well it SHOULD say it in MY Bible because I obviously needed to read it yesterday!

siiigghhh! What a horrible sleep I had. What a tummy ache I have this morning!

So, after work, the three of us gals decided to go out for a drink and a visit. It had been a long week and we needed to talk about it. One gal ended up working late so two of us sat & vented about all & everything work related. But because we waited for girl #3 for so long, we ordered a plate of nachos, with everything on it. Now I KNOW BETTER than to eat green peppers and I NEVER eat jalepenos but for some reason 'drinkin & talkin' seemed to dull my judgement (I only had one drinkk but managed to pick off every tiny shred of green pepper I could find in the pile to ingest) The other gal finally showed up so we continued chatting & continued picking off the plate.

2 and a half hours later, I finally went home only to change my clothes & turn around and go back to the SAME pub to meet diff friends for appies. (I hoped the change of clothes would throw off the waitresses - I'm sure they had no clue that I was JUST there) We had a few wings & I had half a drink, no longer hungry or thirsty but enjoying the company. All was well, good visit, went home & was in bed by around 10.

However, when hubby woke up the first time at 1:00 I felt soooo blah. At 3:00 I went to the couch, burping & groaning. And about 4:30 when he got up cuz he couldn't sleep anymore I went back to the bed, still groaning. Got up at 7:30 and tummy is still in knots. So, I think its safe to say that I got my reminder about not eating PEPPERS. hehehe. Now I'm enjoying a coffee and will have some mild cereal in hopes of taming things in there.
So there you have it. My 'whine' for the week and my lesson learned!


  1. *oops* 'scuze you Beck... he he... I've had a few nights like that myself at times. I'm much safer not eating before bed ATALL... but it took me forever to figure that out. Specially when watching movies, how can one NOT munch - its almost a tradition. I hope you've tamed your tiger...

  2. Mrs. Miles sent me over. You have a BEAUTIFUL blog and what amazing pictures!!! I have added you to my RSS feed. And thank you so much for sharing your walk with the Lord.

  3. awesome looking plate of snacks ..there girl ..but yes not a great thing before bed...but love the picture

  4. Jalapinos! How I love them... How my stomach hates them... Been there, done that! I have no sympathy for you! LOL :-)

    That clothes changing trick... I gotta try it some day! :-)