Thursday, February 01, 2007

Light of Creation

Its going to be a beautiful day! I woke up this morning & saw the whole street was 'socked in' with fog and thought to myself 'Great! Another dull day of low cloud." I was soo wrong. Got into my cold frosty car & drove off into the spooky foggy darkness on my way to work. As I topped our hill I noticed this blazing light over the opposite horizon. It was the almost full moon, looking amazingly huge through the fog. Wow! It was breath-taking!

And then I looked over my shoulder to see the eastern horizon was just glowing orange, preparing for sunrise. I broke through the fog to see it was going to be a gorgeous clear day!

I could see that every twig, branch and blade of grass was encompassed in a sheath of white frost where ever the fog had touched, just waiting for the sun to crest over the horizon and bathe them in gold.

Its days like today that I mourn the fact that I'm sitting at a desk inside, staring at a computer all day when I wish to be outside taking it all in with all my senses...and my camera of course!

However, I realize that I am much luckier than many who are stuck at a day job all day. I'm not sitting in a cubicle, nor am I in the center of a cold dark building. I'm surrounded by WINDOWS! Over my right shoulder, the sun rises behind me over the mountains and travels across the sky over my shoulder through-out the day. Usually once it rises I have to close my blinds to the brightness or I can't see my monitor but it keeps me warm & bright all day. In front of me and to my right, I have two huge windows over looking the mountains and the valley to the north. I can see the weather coming, the wind direction (cuz I have a view of the airstrip wind-sock) and a view of some glorious mountains in front) If I get up and walk to my left, I have a view of the western hills, which are currently being illuminated by the rising sun. So while I may not be able to be OUT in the beauty of this valley each day, I can certainly enjoy seeing it from my desk all day long.

On a day like today, an old Sunday School song comes to mind that I share with you now: (I couldn't find who the author was for this song)

Morning sun, light of creation
Grassy fields, a velvet floor
Silver clouds, a shimmering curtain
He's designed a Perfect World

I'm amazed at His talents
Stand in awe of One so great
Now my soul begins to sing out
To the Source from which it came

Bless the Lord, who reigns in beauty
Bless the Lord, who reigns with wisdom and with power
Bless the Lord, who reigns my life with so much love
He's designed a perfect heart.


  1. Wonderful. Enjoy the day for us all. Sounds like you have a wonderful office to work in. Squirrel is envious.

  2. Okay! Okay! I walk out my door and all I see on the way to work is a Staples, Future Shop, Zehrs, KFC, McDonalds, 8000 street lights and 250 cars and crossing guards and kids, and .... and you see Mountains and rivers and streams and bald eagles and bears and fish jumping in the stream ... My goodness!! Why can't I live there!!! Kidding aside... I am glad for you that you can experience all of that! :-) Have a great day...

  3. LGS - yes, I guess I have got it good. Although my job is completely mindless, at least I have beauty to look at while I daydream.

    Dave - I wouldn't be able to drive that route - too many shopping temptations which is why I like my small town. Glad to live in the country but I do drive past McDonalds on the way to work ,and Tim Hortons - they hook me often enough!

  4. Becky this poem is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. And reading your reader's comments makes me glad too, that we live where we do. Now that I'm recouping from this icky cold I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog entries!

  5. awesome picture ..and it must be neat to live where you live ...hey one of these days could you give my sis-in-law a hug for me (mrs miles) love the sunday school song