Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

A Valentine's Message out of chocolate!

Its Valentine's Day! The day of love! The day of sweethearts! The day of romance! Cards, flowers, chocolates and teddy bears will be flying off the shelves at elevated prices for today. Restaurants will bring out their special 'Valentine's Day' menus that are always at least 50% more than any other day of the year. Couples will be engaged today, fall in love today or be reminded of romance by their loved ones. Other couples will use this day to emphasize their already romantic relationship. And still other couples realize they don't need a special day to show their love for they show it each and every day.

I was a bit cynical on love and romance for a couple years. Divorce has a nasty way of doing that to people, as some of you may be able to relate. But something found me again. Found me when I stopped believing in it. Love had this amazing way of creeping up on me & forcing bitterness out of my heart to make room for its ever expanding ways. Simple special moments, one by one, filled my life with smiles.

And since then, I have had not only 2 very special but memorable Valentine's Days, but nearly 3 years of love-filled moments making every day special. This is our third Valentine's Day together and the morning is like any other, we drink coffee together, content in the quiet peace of being in the same room, never doubting that we are in love!


  1. I likes your candy ILY ... bet you had to beat the kitties to it so they disn't get sick. Thanks for the sweet love hearts for God so Loved the World... and it tickles me you drived by and honked... the candies on my drive are slowwwwly melting away - I will leave them as a speriment... and someone stole on of my big roses... Sure missed walking with you this week friend. *hugs*

  2. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Romance. Don't forget the little things, like drawing hearts in the snow,writing his initials with the ketchup, meeting at viewpoints just to smooch. Romance is a wonderful thing, but real romance is smiling when he snores on the couch, picking up dirty socks and just shaking your head and giving him the last of the pie even when you want it. :)Happy Valentines