Tuesday, May 15, 2007

7 Things About Me Meme: Proverbs 15

Yep, that's me, but no, that's not my kitchen.
Who would really choose counters THAT YELLOW!
Hubby's rental place before we got married a couple years ago!

"A man has joy by the answer of his mouth, and a word spoken in due season, how good it is!" Proverbs 15:23

How good it is indeed to have this wonderful technology called the world wide web where we can connect with people in a way that just a few years ago was unimaginable. How good it is that we can meet new friends on-line, encouraging friends that know how to lift eachother up & bring joy to one another. I am so thankful for you, my blogging & on-line friends, and my real life friends & family that come to read my blog. Your own blogs bring out every emotion in me. Joy & laughter, sadness & worry, encouragement & blessings, admonishment & reminders. It seems I read your blogs & find all the things I need to read at that moment in due season- I'm sure that's a God thing! HOW GOOD IT IS! Blessings on you all!

So, I will tag some of you! I was tagged about a week or so ago by kpjara at Can You Hear Me Now to come up with 7 Things About Me! You can check out her random facts here.

Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they have been tagged and to read your blog!

It seems like everyone has already done this meme at one time or another so I'm just going to tag a few of you. See below if you made my list :)

Becky's Random Facts

#1 - I'm a dreamer. I get caught up in an idea and run with it in my head until I determine that its no longer a good idea, not a feasible idea or its just not going to happen for a long time. For example, hubby & I went to a photo slide show a few months ago to see some of South America. I have always wanted to see Peru so it captivated me. But the clincher was, hubby said that he would like to see it to. So I took that idea & jumped in with both feet. I checked out tours, flight prices, vehicle options, photo locations, etc. I was all into it! But it faded, as many of them do. Still a place I want to go, but I found other things to take up my brain :) Some of my dreams turn into passions, like photography. Once I got into it, I did everything I could to get 'learned up' on it. I got books out of the library, I bought books, I read on the internet, I practice practice practiced! And now I love it. I still don't yet know if it will take me anywhere other than passion but I'm willing to give it some more 'space' in my life than just dreaming!

#2 Please say you're with me on this one & I'm not the only one... I hate the word verification in Blogger for posting comments. It always makes me feel like a moron trying to type those funky squiggly letters. Is that an 'o' and an 'l' or is it a 'd'? LOL I consistantly seem to type them wrong.

#3 My nose honks like an old man when I blow it. Really! And if you were around me, you would be plagued by hearing it a lot. Its allergy season & still cold season. And because the office I work in is so unhealthy - no ventilation, small, dusty, blah - my nose always seems to be runny. I don't have a quiet girly way about it. Its a full on moose call. Mom says her dad had a honky nose. I have no shame in it, just the way it is.

#4 I love fantasy stuff. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of my faves. We watch it over & over again. And give me a Harry Potter movie anyday. I also really have loved the Eragon books so far. Anything that can race my imagination with interesting characters. When I was a kid, I loved to pretend I was an elf or a fairy. I had make-believe play ideas galore. Usually dad was a troll or a giant, never an evil one, just someone to hide from. He always played along pretending not to see me & my brother while we 'spied'.

#5 I looooove lambs & sheep. Stuffed ones, figurines, pictures, graphics and real life ones. I have soo many lambie things. I almost got a tatoo of a lamb a few summers ago. I finally parted with some of my lambie things at my recent garage sale because I simply have too much. And when people know you love or collect a certain thing, you always get more. And I love each one I get. But as I get new ones, I have to get rid of some of the old. Away went the lamb purse, and the motorized one that baaa'd. I can't part with the gangly lamb candle, my precious Lan whom I've had for 30 years or my lamb piggy bank that sits on the night-table with big bulging eyeballs. I have lamb keychains, lamb magnets, Christmas ornaments, mugs galore & even a lamb on my scarf (thanks Gran) I have lamb lapel pin, lamb water bottle cover, lamb stickers and a lamb on a pen. Oh yes, I do love them!

#6 I'm getting a big kick out of our two budgies right now. Thumper (the girl) and Rafiki (the boy) are trying to mate. At least Thumper wants to mate but we don't think Rafiki can figure it out. Its hilarious. Thumper gets in 'position' but Rafiki can't 'satisfy'. And they always seem to try it at dinner time, their cage is in the dining room. I nearly died laughing lastnight. Rafiki finally managed to get 'both legs up' but all he was doing was standing on her back, like cheerleader-pyramid style, not doing anything but standing there. Oh my it was funny. We put a nesting box in the cage seeing as this whole 'mating season' has been lasting quite a while. I don't think it will end with babies unless Rafiki gets a clue. I love having budgies. Though they are sometimes noisy & always messy, they are a joy & a presence in our home! They each have distinct personalities. A fun pet to have!

#7 I want to do more. More for God, for humanity. I am so overly-abundantly blessed & content that I am feeling the gnawing need to give back. I'm not sure how yet. Some small things to start, maybe right here in our own town, or in our own church...but even more than that eventually. I have a feeling that Africa will be a big part of it but I don't know yet. Hubby is on board too. We want to do something. We want to do more!

OK, that's my list. I want to hear 7 things from a couple more of you because I enjoy your blogs & would like to know some more about you:

Shona Tiger at House of Stone
Amrita at Yesu Garden


  1. I will do your meme thingi , I 've got another one to do its got 8 things to write about.I like yours and you look really cool in your kitchen.Since yesterday we are having a lot of electricity outages.Difficult to keep the computer going. I will take time with the meme.

  2. Thanks for sharing 'bout yuself Becks - I did not know all these things! What - you don't want yellow counters, and I woulda SWORE you did! I agree with you about blogs being a huge encouragement - inspiration... LOL - in fact, once again, unscripted for like the 4th time in a row, we blogged the same thing on the same day. Soon we will be able to read each other's minds? (yikes!) *hugs* to you Miss Becks! See you later today (I reserved many dandelion heads for you - even a mutant 3 headed one which will be especially stress-relieving for you!)

  3. Thanks Amrita - do you have any special battery back-up devices there that can protect your computer when there are power outages? That must be frustrating sometimes!

    Barb - can't wait for those dandelions!! Oooh mutant! Yes, we are like-blog-minded lately aren't we! hee hee See you after 4:00!!

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  5. ooh yay i'm on it! i haven't read yours yet cos i know i'll be influenced :D so i'll do that later, but thanks, sounds like fun!

  6. Love this info. I totally relate about the dreams...and if photography is one of your passions, pursue it! I always thought it would be cool to photograph people (without them knowing) and capture all those expressions and emotions people wear on their faces.

    ROFL about the 'call of the wild' mating story! I cannot even begin to imagine trying to eat dinner with this action going on and the cheerleader pyramid is such an awesome visual! I'll never be able to watch those ESPN competitions again without thinking about it.

    Thanks for participating!

  7. Fun Becky - I'll play! I like your seven random facts!

    Keep dreaming big! Your photos are full of life and color! I remember the first time you hopped on my blog and I visited yours. I was so surprised and excited someone from another country had visited. When I saw your pictures, I was blown away. You have a gift from God.

    I too can't stand the word thingy, but I saw some poor lady's blog filled with ads for get this, penial implants! I think it keeps junk like that off, right?

    Too funny about the nose blowing!!!!!!!!!! I would have never guessed!

    Fantasy stuff... my teenage son is an avid fantasy reader. He even began a story of his own as part of an English project for school recently. I was amazed and encouraged him to keep writing the story over the summer. We'll see!

    Your lambs, a cute collection.

    Your budgies, oh well, shall I saw this is a little "racey"? LOL!!!!!!!!! (By the way, I may sound dumb, but what are "budgies"? Bunnies, guinea pigs, or the like?)

    And your number 7 - What a beautiful thing. It's wonderful knowing Jesus, isn't it? There's so many people out there who need His loving touch!

    I'll try to post sometime next week!

    Your blogging friend from Pennsylvania, United States.