Friday, May 25, 2007

Voice of the Martyrs: Proverbs 24

"For a righteous man my fall seven times and rise again." Proverbs 24:16
Praise God for the righteous who are able to find their strength in Him to get up so many times!

Prayers for May 22, 2007From The Voice of the Martyrs

LAOS Seven Families Expelled From Their Homes - VOM SourcesOn May 15, government authorities expelled seven of 10 Christian families from their village in Laos, and transported them to another village 12 hours away. According to The Voice of the Martyrs' contacts, the authorities told the families, "If you want to continue believing in Jesus' religion, you need to leave this village and go live in a village where there are Christians." The husbands were forced into vehicles while the wives were working in the rice paddies and this has resulted in chaos. The families are separated and are having difficulties adjusting at the new village because their tools, utensils and belongings are at the old village. Pray God gives the families grace and protection as they deal with these hardships. Psalm 91:14-16

INDIA Attack on Priest and Nun, Services Disrupted, Christians Beaten - VOM Sources

JHARKHAND - On May 14, Reverend George Minj and Sister Teresa Kindo, were attacked in a village near Ranchi as they returned to their parish in the evening after leading prayers in a nearby village. The priest sustained a blood clot in the head and is being kept under observation. Pray for the priest's speedy recovery and for protection as they continue their ministry in the area.

KARNATAKA - On May 13, more than 20 Hindu extremists attacked a worship service in the town of Kushalnagar. The extremists destroyed Bibles, and beat several believers. They told the pastors to stop converting people to Christianity. Pray for protection for Christians in India. Ask God to heal the believers that were beaten. Acts 4:29-30

EGYPT Christians Attacked - VOM SourcesOn May 11, a mob of Muslims attacked Christians in Bahma village south of Cairo after hearing rumors that a church was to be built in the village without government permission. Muslims left their Friday prayers and attacked the homes and shops of Christians, setting the buildings on fire. At least 10 Coptic Christians were injured in the attack. People from both faiths took up sticks and hatchets and began hurling bricks and firebombs at each other. At least 27 houses and shops were damaged by fire. At last report, 59 Muslims have been arrested on charges of arson and spreading sectarian strife. Pray these Christians will be encouraged to worship together, despite opposition. Pray they will demonstrate love to their neighbors. 1 Corinthians 13


  1. pray is the "supernatural communication to the very throne room of God." ..inspired07."

  2. Thank you Becky for posting VOM news on your blog.There are many suffering for the cause of Christ.
    A Christian student was asked to vacate the room he was renting within an hour, but his hindu student friends came to the rescue and took him to a safe place.

  3. Thank you for posting these situations on your blog. We often take our own freedom for granted and forget about our struggling brothers and sisters. May we remember to pray for them daily.