Friday, May 11, 2007

The Voice of the Martyrs Update

Prayers for May 8, 2007 From The Voice of the Martyrs

INDIA Christians Attacked and Imprisoned; Pastor Beaten - VOM Sources
On April 22, Pastor Jayasheelan and eight other believers were beaten by more than 90 people at a prayer meeting in Rajankunte Village. After surrounding the house, the mob shouted slogans and threatened to burn it down if the Christians did not meet them outside. After Pastor Jayasheelan and the others came out of the house, they were beaten and kicked while the police looked on. The pastor was struck on his head, back and hip. The other believers were also injured. They were later jailed in the Central Jail and released after two days. The believers befriended the other prisoners while they were in jail and shared the gospel. Some of the 20 prisoners received Christ.

On April 29, Pastor Walter Masih was attacked by Hindu extremists while returning home after Sunday worship. Two young men asked the pastor if he could tell them about Jesus and while the pastor was sharing with them, a group of more than 15 young men started beating Pastor Walter with sticks. This happened in front of Pastor Walter's 7-year-old daughter. While he was being beaten, Pastor Walter prayed loudly for the extremists and this further infuriated them. Pray God protects these believers and Christians in India. Ask Him to heal the wounded and for His comfort to overwhelm them and their families. Psalm 32:7, Psalm 30:2
PHILIPPINES Seven Christian Workers Beheaded - VOM Sources
The bodies of seven Christian workers were recovered in Parang town where they were kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf Muslim extremists. VOM sources report that the Christian workers' bodies were found in the jungles of Jolo by soldiers, days after they were seized while heading to a government road project. Pray for comfort for these families and ask God to use the testimony of the slain believers to bring non-believers into the knowledge of Him. 2 Corinthians 1:3-7

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