Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hidden Treasures: Proverbs 2

If you seek her as silver and search for her as for hidden treasures. ~Proverbs 2:4

At one point or another in our lives, I think we've all been on a Treasure Hunt of some sort. Usually the prize you are hunting for is going to be worth all the trouble you go through to find it.

We read books & watch movies of finding great pirates treasuries. I love movies like Pirates of the Carribean, The Mummy and The Goonies where you can see heaping piles of gold, silver and sparkling gems like rubies, emeralds & diamonds.

I also think of Easter, where children get to hunt for their own little treasures, like chocolates, colored eggs or surprises. There is always a determination in the hunt. Most will not give up after looking in one spot & not finding their prize.

So should it be when we seek wisdom. We must seek it with a hunger & determination, like it is the most precious treasure we could ever find, not giving up until we have it!


  1. i like this verse, and the one about treasures of darkness (Isa 45:3), because it seems to mean that sometimes you can put in a bit of work, too, to find the things the Lord is waiting to give you- just like an easter egg hunt, as you say!

  2. wisdom... a refining of experience and knowledge put together... and it is RARE... and its important to recognise it when we do find it... and it saves us loads of greif when we do find it... hmmmmmm

  3. There's nothing like a good old treasure hunt. My kids love them! And God's wisdom? The best treasure for sure.