Friday, May 25, 2007

Without Rain: Proverbs 25

"Whoever falsely boasts of giving is like clouds and wind without rain." Proverbs 25:14

Anyone who lives in a dry or desert climate can relate to this verse. The summers here in southern BC are VERY dry. We can go two months without a drop of rain & that makes for bad forest fire situations. Whenever clouds appear in the sky, everyone gets excited or hopeful that maybe JUST MAYBE there will be some moisture coming from them. But usually, they get blown on by and nothing materializes from them!

Last year was especially dry. I finally gave up on my baskets of flowers. I couldn't keep up with the sweltering heat. This year, I hope they are in slightly more shady locations so all my gardening work is worth something. We got a LOT of snow this winter so there was hopes of some of that moisture staying in the ground but its been a really dry spring so this summer is shaping up to be a scorcher. Oh how we'll be longing for rain-bearing clouds then.

This verse also strikes me rather personally. Not just for financial giving but for prayer as well. I often talk about praying for this or that, caring for this or that, but sometimes the moment passes beyond me just 'talking about it' and I don't pause to pray or carry out what I intended to do for help or well-being. I don't want to be the false giver, no matter what it is I talk about giving - prayer, support, money or time. I hope I can be more diligent in carrying out those things instead of being the cloud without rain.


  1. That is a very cool picture! Well done...where did you take it?

  2. Thanks Shar, I was driving across the prairies a couple summers ago and took some sunset pix. It was nice in color but seemed a bit more dramatic in black & white :)

  3. I have learnt that when I say I will pray for someone or something, that I must pause right then and do just that. Otherwise, like you say, the moment passes.

  4. I, if i have time, usually IMMEDIATELY pray w/ the person, even on the blog if they allow me to... otherwise, as Rebecca says, the moment is gone.