Friday, May 18, 2007

Strong Tower: Proverbs 18

"The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe." ~ Proverbs 18:10

Do we call out the Lords name enough in our moments of need? Just His name alone can sustain us. Its an amazing fact to comprehend! God knows our thoughts, our innermost hurts or confusions. Sometimes, we have no words & He hears that time too.

The name of the Lord is powerful! Trust that He will be your strong tower today!


  1. Oh Becky
    What a neat shot and a wonderful scripture to go with.

    Be Blessed

  2. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Jesus, name above all names- just the name lifts the heart, when nothing else can help, just the name can be enough to sustain-:)Mom

  3. Thanks for the reminder to keep calling on the Lord and running to Him:)

    Like Sunny Susan said, "Great picture!"

    And like your Mom said, "Jesus, the precious, sustaining name of Jesus..."

    P.S. This is a favorite verse my dad taught us as kids. For fun, since we all played baseball/softball as kids, he would emphasize the "safe" part and sometimes do the hand motion of an umpire when a runner slides into home plate and call out the words: "S-A-F-E!"

    I guess it made an impression because I can hear and see it in my minds eye :)