Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Over-worked: Proverbs 23

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"Do not overwork to be rich; because of your own understand, cease!" Proverbs 23:4

Its nice to have nice things...but at what expense? Some people work more than 60 hours a week in this day & age, just to keep up with the mortgage payments, the auto payments, the tuition payments & the lifestayle they think they want to have. I can't imagine the pressure that some people deal with when they try to financially juggle all these things. I know that we all have to deal with them to an extent. I have quit my job but I will have to find another job very soon in order for us to keep afloat. We live in a small modest house but even modesty can clean out your pocketbook pretty fast.

But when do you realize when its too much? When is it just for riches & appearances? And when you have it, are you so busy trying to pay for it that you can't afford the time to actually use it?

And what about health? Are you exhausted? Are you ill but you just don't have the time to take off & get better, or see a doctor, or catch up on your much needed sleep? Maybe its time for a lifestyle change. "Because of your own understanding, cease!"


  1. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. You betcha.....

    Be Blessed

  3. I wonder how many 'extras' you can pare off of your life, which you justified when working - is this the same sort of thing?

    I miss you too, and yes, my week is going too fast too!

  4. SO TRUE!

    Brownies and lemonade are ready at Yahweh's Retreat! I'm back after several days of too much busy-ness.


  5. hehe - I can't say I'm guilty of over-working but I'm glad that its a reminder for some that are. I think I am guilty ove being over-busy. Perhaps I need to 'cease' and say no to things more often.

    Welcome back Vanessa :)