Monday, May 14, 2007

Pity-Party: Proverbs 14

"The heart knows its own bitterness, and a stranger does not share its joy" ~Proverbs 14:10

Nobody really wants to hear somebody else complain. And yet when we have some sort of ailment, some sort of infirmity or something we find unfair, why is that we need to proclaim it to everyone & anyone who will listen.

In church on Sunday, the message revolved around the man who lay cripple at the pool of Bethesda for 38 years waiting to step into its healing water. The pastor discussed how when we have an ailment or problem, whether physical mental or spiritual that it can consume us & define who we are, so much that it may be harder to not have this infirmity, this bitterness because, what would we be without it?

I really had to take a look inside myself during this message and so this verse really stood out at me today. I do harbour bitterness in my heart, and I like to revisit it, have a pity-party with it now & then. And it feels good to share it with others to get that "i feel sorry for you" reaction. I like the angry feelings that I can stir up with it & allow myself some sorrow. What am I holding on to it for? Why do I continue to revisit it? And why can't I let it go? I have to want to let it go first. That's something that will require some looking deeper inside myself & some faith to let go.


  1. Hi Beck,

    Thank you so much for sharing your study in Proverbs. It takes discipline to do this. You are an inspiration to me, because I'm not doing any Bible Study at the moment.

    About your post: I think it is hard to let go of something when we were really hurt by it. God knows about our pain...he's the only one that will ever understand completely about it. Others won't...and can't. But God understands!

  2. Bitterness or Blessings, B,B,B, both begin with B. Often I too like to dwell on the hardships and the hurts. Funny, because in the end I don't feel better. Instead God wants us to think on His blessings. Good food for thought. Hey, there was another "B" word there... "Better". Have a BEAUTIFUL day BECKY! Hey, that makes two more "B" words :)

  3. Oh, and I like your "howling" portrait! Too cute! We sure can moan and groan... can't we? At least I know I do and I need to stop :)

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  5. hey, becky.. seems you r dealing with some hard things, first with work and then this reminder... just keep your support network close, and keep a balance.. sometimes when you express your "bitterness' you are simply reaching out, and you shouldn't feel you must stop doing that.. i think we need to know when we're grouching (muttering), and when we're genuinely trying to resolve past pain- because we can carry bitterness in our hearts forever, which certainly doesn't help the journey... as u know, i am with u here :-S praying with you always.

  6. Becky,you are right, our troubles can make us bitter or better.I hosted a very long pity party for myself which nearly destroyed my life.I believed God was punishing me.It resulted in self destroying anger.Then the Lord woke me up and the prodigal return home after a long struggle.
    Thanks for your advice on how to arrange photos. You guys are such pros...geniuses!

  7. I have done my fair share of moaning because of this broken foot.....third time in three years!!! Maybe God is trying to get me to wrestle with Him over something!!!!

  8. Sharon - I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm enjoying the discipline of finding at least one Biblical truth each day.

    :) Thanks Susan - Bitter Becky is having a Boring day But the outside weather is Beautiful. Yes, I tend to howl also, hence the wolf shot :)

    You're right Jacqui, sometimes talking about our hurts & bitterness can be cleansing. I just have to find the balance of healing & the want for attention for my woes. Thanks for the prayers!

    Amrita - I'm glad you had your 'awakening' from your bitterness. I am on the verge of my cleanse I think.

    Rebecca - 3 times broken! Wow! Or has it just never healed properly? That's a bit of suffering for sure.

  9. Being bitter sure sucks all the flavor out of life, eh. I bet Satan just loves it, when we wallow. Kick me out of the wallow-pit, Miss Beck!

    See you tomorrow (with great pleasure!)